Anikó Kusztor

Main supervisor Nao Tsuchiya, associate supervisor Jakob Hohwy

I completed my bachelor’s in psychology at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest. Then I did my master’s at University of Oslo in the cognitive neuroscience programme. After that, I worked as a research assistant in multiple labs at University of Oslo and Linköping University before coming to Melbourne to work on my PhD.

My main research interests are consciousness, sleep, and the depersonalisation/derealisation phenomena. I am particularly interested in identifying neural and behavioural makers of transient changes in the conscious experience.

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Kusztor, A., Raud, L., Juel, B. E., Nilsen, A. S., Storm, J. F., & Huster, R. J. (2019). Sleep deprivation differentially affects subcomponents of cognitive control. Sleep, 42(4), zsz016.

Orosz, G., Tóth-Király, I., Bőthe, B., Kusztor, A., Kovács, Z. Ü., & Jánvári, M. (2015). Teacher enthusiasm: a potential cure of academic cheating. Frontiers in psychology, 6, 318.