Ema Demšar

Main supervisor Jennifer Windt, associate supervisor Thomas Andrillon

Ema is a PhD candidate interested in the study of lived experience in the research framework of neurophenomenology. She comes from an interdisciplinary background, with a BSc in Chemistry and a MSc in Cognitive Science from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. She has additional five years of experience with research and teaching in the field of cognitive science, with focus on the application of first-person methods in the science of consciousness. Ema is the recipient of the European Varela Award for her research project Towards the neurophenomenology of dreaming: developing and employing a novel interview-based research format for acquiring reports on lucid and nonlucid dream experience.

Ema’s PhD project is a neurophenomenological investigation of the onset of meta-awareness in dreaming. The project combines conceptual analysis and empirical investigation of the structure and dynamics of dream experience, and involves collaboration with the Donders Sleep & Memory Lab in the Netherlands.