Mateusz Wozniak


I finished M.A. in Applied Psychology and PhD in Psychology at Jagiellonian University in Cracow. During that time I also did internships at Max Planck Institute in Leipzig and at Donders Institute in Nijmegen, and worked as a visiting PhD student and EEG lab manager at Central European University in Budapest in the Social Mind and Body Group, where I conducted most of the research for my PhD thesis. In February 2017 I started working as a PostDoc at Cognition & Philosophy Lab.

My main area of research is investigating neurocognitive processes underlying representations of self and identity. I conduct interdisciplinary work which combines methods from cognitive neuroscience, psychology, and philosophy. I attempt to explain the self within the framework of the Bayesian brain and the predictive mind.

My other research interests are philosophy and neuroscience of consciousness (especially self-consciousness), as well as social cognition (joint action, representations of self and other, we-representations). In my experimental work I use EEG, psychophysics, and virtual reality.

Selected papers

Woźniak, M., Hohwy, J. (2020). Stranger to my face: top-down and bottom-up effects underlying prioritization of images of one’s face. PLOS ONE 15(7): e0235627.

Woźniak, M., Knoblich, G. (2019) Self-prioritization of fully unfamiliar stimuli.Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology.

Woźniak, M. (2018). “I” and “Me”: the self in the context of consciousness.Frontiers in Psychology, 9(1656).

Woźniak, M., Kourtis, D., Knoblich, G. (2018). Prioritization of arbitrary faces associated to self: An EEG study. PLoS ONE, 13(1), e0190679.

Kourtis, D., Knoblich, G., Woźniak, M., Sebanz, N. (2014) Attention Allocation and Task Representation during Joint Action Planning. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 26(10), 2275-86.


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