Rafik Hadfi


I am an AI researcher interested in understanding how consciousness emerges in our brains and whether it is replicable on machines.

I obtained my PhD in computer science from the Nagoya Institute of Technology in Japan. As a PhD candidate, I worked on decision-making under uncertainty and its applications to automated negotiation. After finishing my PhD, I lead a project funded by the Japanese National Institute of Information and Communications Technology. The project focused on developing a multiagent simulator of traffic in large cities under varying weather conditions.

In April 2017, I joined CogPhiLab and tLab as a postdoctoral researcher. Since then, I have been developing models of cognition and testing them on artificial agents. I am particularly interested in 4E cognition, active inference, and the integrated information theory of consciousness. My work combines methods from cognitive sciences, algorithmics, and mathematical modelling.

My other research interests include artificial general intelligence, machine consciousness, and constructivist epistemology.



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