Simon van Baal


Simon van Baal has a background in Economics (BSc. at Erasmus University Rotterdam) and Behavioural and Economic Science (MSc. at University of Warwick) and currently conducts research in Behavioural Economics.

His PhD concerns decisions spaced over time (Intertemporal Choice) and Self-Control. The research is focused on identifying key factors that influence the mechanisms of intertemporal choice and self-control. It has been widely documented that human decision makers depart from rationality in their intertemporal choice. Simon will work on identifying the reasons for these departures from rationality, as well as possible solutions.

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van Baal, S. T., Walasek, L., & Hohwy, J. (preprint). Staying home so you can keep going out: A multiplayer self-isolation game modelling pandemic behaviour. PsyArxiv Preprint.

van Baal, S. T., & Hohwy, J. (preprint). Risk perception and personal responsibility during COVID-19: An experimental study of the role of imperative vs reasoning-based communication for self-isolation attitudes.


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