Course transfer

Check the course transfer requirements carefully before making an application for a transfer. This is a competitive process and you must meet course prerequisites and minimum WAM to be eligible for transfer. Only first semester intake available for Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics and Bachelor of Music. Bachelor of Music has a second semester intake for Performance stream only. Refer to the details below for additional requirements.

Transfers are possible for all Faculty of Arts courses via the Apply now button:

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Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics

Maths VCE units 3 and 4 of Maths Methods or Specialist Maths (study score 22+) or Further Maths (study score 25+) or approved equivalent or MTH1010

If you are unsure whether the maths you’ve completed meets the prerequisites for your intended course, please feel free to request course advice and we can help check your eligibility. Only first semester intake available.

Bachelor of Music

This course requires submission of an audition/composition.There may also be a requirement for an interview following the audition (applicants will be informed of this). Only first semester intake available. Second semester intake available for Performance stream only.

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Faculty of Arts transfer requirements