Faculty of Arts Postgraduate Publication Prize (PPP)

The Postgraduate Publication Prize was established to reward and celebrate the research outputs of the Graduate Research cohort in the Faculty of Arts.

Graduate researchers who have had a prestigious publication included in the Faculty’s Research Publication Collection may be eligible for the prize. Please see the current

Faculty of Arts priority research output categories.

The prize consists of a cheque for AU$1,000 and a certificate from the Faculty of Arts.

2019 nomination form.

Nominations were called for publications appearing between 1 January and 31 December 2018 which have been included in the 2019 Research Publication Collection.

Past winners





2018Noam GordonPhilosophyArticle: Neural markers of predictive coding under perceptual uncertainty revealed with Hierarchical Frequency Tagging


Sarah Hewitt

Social and Political Sciences

Publication: Overcoming the Gender Gap: the Possibilities of Alignment between the Responsibility to Protect and the Women, Peace and Security Agenda, in Global Responsibility to Protect, published by Brill Nijhoff.


Dara Conduit and

Ben Rich

Social & Political Sciences

Article “The impact of Jihadist foreign fighters on indigenous secular-nationalist causes: contrasting Chechnya and Syria” – published in Studies in Conflict & Terrorism


Julian Koplin


Article “Assessing the likely harms to kidney vendors in regulated organ markets” – published in the American Journal of Bioethics


Colin Palmer


Article “Movement under uncertainty: the effects of the rubber-hand illusion vary along the nonclinical autism spectrum” – published in Neuropsychologia


Virginie Andre

Social & Political Sciences

Article “Neojihadism and Youtube: Patani militant propaganda dissemination and radicalization” – published in Asian Security