Indigenous Scientific Knowledge

Astronomy & SkyEnvironment & Landscape | Ecology & Medicine | Mathematics & Technology

The rich knowledge systems of Indigenous Australians contain a scientific component used for subsistence survival and social economy. Complex traditions enabled Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures to hand this knowledge down over tens of thousands of years.

The Faculty of Arts Focus Program on Indigenous Scientific Knowledge – hosted by the Monash Indigenous Studies Centre – merges interdisciplinary research and builds collaborative links between the humanities/social sciences and the physical/natural sciences. Working with Indigenous communities and collaborating with scientific organisations, the program explores Indigenous Knowledge Systems in a collaborative and mutually beneficial manner.

We study Indigenous Knowledge about four broad topics: Astronomy and Sky Knowledge, Environmental and Landscape KnowledgeEcological and Medicinal Knowledge, and Mathematical and Technological Knowledge.

Working alongside the Wunungu Awara: Animating Indigenous Knowledges, the Indigenous Scientific Knowledge program will develop a formidable body of scholarship, public outreach, and a spectacular visual archive, changing the way we understand and manage our natural environment.

Upcoming Events

Keynote Lecture: "Aboriginal Astronomy, Heritage, and Light Pollution" AstroLight 2016 (10 Sept 2016)

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