Don’t stop the music: making and breaking a ‘Music City’

shane-homanAssociate Professor Shane Homan,
Monash Arts Researcher.

Cities like Memphis, Liverpool and Melbourne are known for being ‘Music Cities’, but is there a formula for making a ‘Music City’? And if there were a formula, could you export it and create a new Music City somewhere else … and how authentic would it be?

Associate Professor Shane Homan is leading a team of Monash Researchers looking at how and why Melbourne became Australia’s music capital, from grassroots beginnings to a multi-million dollar industry, and a mecca for musicians locally and internationally.

With concerns about the gentrification of the inner city killing the live music scene in Melbourne, even as the City Council pushes to get UNESCO ‘International City of Music’ recognition, Shane’s team is looking at what factors might impact on the continuing viability of a ‘Music City’ and how we can ensure we don’t stop the music.

Shane asks, “What is the role of the local music venue in producing sounds and scenes? We will be interviewing up to 100 musicians, managers, recording labels and venue owners, everyone from Olivia Newton to Courtney Barnett.”

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