History detective at an international criminal trial

Monash Arts/Law graduate, Stephanie Sprott

Imagine having to scan through piles and piles of barely legible documents to find the evidence for massacres that will help indict a war criminal … especially when that evidence is really old and includes deeply affecting and sensitive images from mass grave sites.

This is what Monash Arts/Law graduate Stephanie Sprott experienced when she interned at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Sifting through random papers and often confronting images to find evidence that would be useful to prosecutors, Stephanie found that the skills she’d gained in her Bachelor of Arts History major were invaluable.

Stephanie says, “You also have to understand the context of images, and I think that is something we do a lot in History studies, where images are a really important primary source… in History you learn how to analyse documents in context, and how to connect different factors together. ”

Stephanie has recently finished working for a parliamentary committee inquiry (The CFA Training College at Fiskville), and has just started a graduate position in a law firm.

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