Chris Milne

Chris Milne

Chris Milne

  • Year commenced 2018
  • Degree(s) Diploma of Languages and Bachelor of Engineering/Commerce

Monash student Chris Milne credits his Diploma of Languages with providing a solid foundation from which to embark on a rewarding future career in China.

In late 2019, Chris spent six weeks in Shanghai as part of Monash Arts’ Chinese Intensive Language Program. He made the most of this exciting opportunity, and thanks to the accelerated course his proficiency in Chinese improved considerably.

Here, Chris shares why he chose to study languages at Monash, the benefits of learning abroad and how his studies have prepared him for success on a global scale.

SeahorseWhat made you decide to study languages at Monash?

Having studied Chinese throughout high school, I found one of the best aspects of learning a language at Monash University to be the multiple entry levels available. These levels cater for all levels of language learners – from those just beginning to those who’ve learnt for a few years – allowing you to progress at the right pace. Also, the international opportunities that are available at Monash allow you to pair your language learning with interesting international exchanges and study experiences.

What do you love most about your studies?

For me, one of the best aspects of learning Chinese at Monash has been the opportunity to link my language learning with international experiences. Monash has exchange partnerships with some of the very best Chinese universities. Monash also runs an annual intensive language program in China which I took and found really progressed my Chinese language skills.

What’s been the highlight of your language studies so far?

The biggest highlight so far would be the six weeks that I spent at the Intensive Language Program in Shanghai. I’ve never seen my language skills progress so far so quickly. It was a very challenging few weeks but also so much fun. We had plenty of time to explore Shanghai and I made many close friendships with my classmates. We went to the soccer and even saw a musical in Chinese!

What do you plan to do next? 

I’m excited to continue to learn Chinese and hopefully use Mandarin regularly in my career. I’d love to live and work in and around China long-term. I find it a real privilege to be able to act as a link between English speakers and Chinese speakers.

What’s your message to current and future students?

I’d encourage all students to consider learning a language. The way the Diploma of Languages at Monash is set up allows people of any ability level to start or continue learning a language. I believe that learning any language is a richly rewarding experience and will open many doors in the future.