Brief Intervention Service evaluation, No To Violence

Centre Researchers Kate Fitz-Gibbon and Silke Meyer, in collaboration with Policy Performance and Whereto, are conducting an evaluation of the Brief Intervention Service (BIS) developed and delivered by No To Violence (NTV). The service provides telephone-based counselling and referral services for men who use violence. The service was implemented in July 2020 to keep men engaged in the service system while in-person group sessions were not possible due to the physical distancing restrictions arising as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The service will be evaluated over the period November 2020 through May 2021.

Early intervention for family violence (U-Turn) program evaluation

The Centre is conducting an evaluation of a Victorian early intervention for family violence program (the U-Turn program) run by Taskforce. The program, developed by Victorian service provider Taskforce is an innovative early intervention for family violence targeted at family violence perpetrators who also have identified alcohol and/or other drug (AOD) issues.


Evaluation of the Family Violence LGBTIQ Practitioner Services, Magistrates Court of Victoria

Centre Researcher Kate Fitz-Gibbon acted as an Expert Advisor on a team led by NOUS Consulting to evaluate the Family Violence LGBTIQ Practitioner Services. The Magistrates’ Court of Victoria (MCV) Family Violence Reform Branch introduced the LGBTIQ Family Violence Applicant and Respondent Practitioner Services (‘the Services’) at the Neighbourhood Justice Centre in Collingwood in November 2018, and at the Heidelberg Magistrates’ Court and Melbourne Magistrates’ Court in May 2019 . The Services aim to ensure that court staff provide timely, specialist and integrated responses – in respectful and inclusive ways - to LGBTIQ people when they come into contact with the court in relation to an application and hearing for a Family Violence Intervention Order or a Personal Safety Intervention Order. Based on research with clients, and interviews with court staff and service providers, the evaluation found that the Services have been, overall, relevant, effective and efficient in ensuring that LGBTIQ applicants and respondents have the information, advice and support they require when they come into contact with the court due to family violence. This evaluation was completed in December 2019.

Review of the Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme

In Victoria, the Royal Commission into Family Violence (2016) recommended the introduction of a family violence information sharing scheme. An independent Review of the Scheme was legislatively mandated to ensure that it meets its aims and avoids any adverse consequences. The Centre reviewed the scheme over three years from 2017-2020.

Digitally recorded evidence evaluation

The Centre was commissioned by Victoria Police to conduct a process and outcome evaluation of the Trial of Digitally Recorded Evidence in Chief - Family Violence. The evaluation will assist to ensure that the use of digitally recorded evidence in chief (DREC) by police officers will improve the experience for victim/survivors, contribute to the more effective and efficient administration of justice in family violence proceedings and avoid adverse impacts on all stakeholders including victim/survivors and relevant workforces.

Victoria Police Specialist Investigators Support Unit evaluation

The Centre was commissioned by Victoria Police (VP) Family Violence Command (FVC) to examine the development and implementation of the Specialist Investigators Support Unit (SISU)’s psychological services designed to support positive outcomes for the mental health and wellbeing of VP employees who work on themes of family violence, sexual offending and child abuse and are located in FVIUs, SOCITs and a range of related areas.

Fast tracking initiative evaluation

The Centre was contracted by the Magistrates' Court of Victoria (MCV) to conduct an evaluation of the Fast Tracking Initiative in the MCV. Since December 2014 the MCV has been implementing a fast tracking initiative across multiple court locations. The aim of the fast tracking initiative was to have all criminal proceedings arising out of family violence incidents finalised within 16 weeks of entering the Court. This Centre evaluated whether the program was effective in relation to increasing victim/survivor confidence, participation and safety.

Review of Minimum Standards for Men’s Behaviour Change Programs

Following the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence (Recommendation 91), the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) contracted with the Centre (then the Monash Gender and Family Violence Focus Program) to conduct a consultation and review of the Minimum Standards for the effective delivery of Men’s Behaviour Change Programs.

CRAF Review

In 2016, the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) contracted with the Centre (then the Monash Gender and Family Violence Focus Program) to conduct a review of the Common Risk Assessment Framework (CRAF) as part of the DHHS response to the Victorian Royal Commission on Family Violence. The Review made twenty-seven recommendations aimed at enhancing the use and usability of the CRAF and more effectively embedding it across different professional groups.