16 Days of Activism Campaign – Monash Gender and Family Violence Prevention Centre

16 Days of Activism Campaign – Monash Gender and Family Violence Prevention Centre

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Wednesday 25 November

Today is the #IDEVAW & the first day of the global #16DaysofActivism campaign. For the next 16 days we will tweet twice daily to highlight the 2020 work of the Centre. Our aim is to build the evidence base to prevent all forms of #VAW #OrangetheWorld @Monash_Arts @MonashUni

Join us today at 12pm for the 'Justice for women during COVID-19' webinar. Part of the Responding to the 'Shadow Pandemic' series with @dvvic featuring Magistrate Goldsbrough, @WomensLegalVic @VicLegalAid& @FlatOutInc Register here: https://bit.ly/3kAgVXp #16DaysofActivism

Thursday 26 November

As part of the @MonashUni #MelbourneExperiment @Naomi_Pfitzner @Kate_FitzGibbon & @JacquiTrue have led research into responses to family violence during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read about this work: https://bit.ly/33b1Kho #16DaysofActivism #orangetheworld @Monash_Arts @GpsMonash

In 2020 Centre lead researcher Professor Sandra Walklate was awarded @rcuk @ESRC funding to examine criminal justice responses to domestic abuse in England & Wales under Covid-19 lockdown restrictions https://bit.ly/35Wzdy0 #16Days #orangetheworld @LivUni_ICRU @MonashCrim

Friday 27 November

Under the leadership of @JanemareeMaher & in collaboration with @MonashLawSchool @Monash_FMHS @MUARCresearch @MonashArts we offer a program of flexible graduate & professional education units in family violence prevention https://www.monash.edu/arts/gender-and-family-violence/study #16days #orangetheworld

Visit our education page to watch videos and hear teaching academics & previous students speak about our graduate education & professional development units in family violence prevention #16days #orangetheworld @Monash_Arts @BeckyBatagol @MUARCresearch https://bit.ly/2R5yqDP

Saturday 28 November

Centre members are completing an @arc_gov_au project, Securing women’s lives: Preventing intimate partner homicide, which aims to inform more effective interventions & to drive femicide prevention https://www.monash.edu/arts/gender-and-family-violence/research-and-projects/intimate-partner-homicide #16days @Jude_McCulloch @Kate_FitzGibbon @JanemareeMaher

An output of their @arc_gov_au project, ‘Towards a Global Femicide Index: Counting the Costs’, considers the need for & the steps towards creating a global index of women’s deaths from #IPV https://bit.ly/3nTUApt @Kate_FitzGibbon @Jude_McCulloch @JanemareeMaher #16Days

Sunday 29 November

Awarded the Best Journal Article of 2020 by the @ASCCriticalCrim, our article 'Lone Wolf Terrorism Through a Gendered Lens' explores the links between violence against women & terrorism. Access it here: https://bit.ly/33rmYo #16days #orangetheworld

We are privileged to work with a range of talented colleagues across @MonashUni. In 2020 the Centre has expanded its affiliated researcher network. Read about the range of Monash researchers conducting family violence related work here https://www.monash.edu/arts/gender-and-family-violence/our-team/affiliated-researchers #16days

Monday 30 November

Our two-page research briefs are designed to provide a snapshot of key terms & definitions, legislation, & research on responses to & the prevention of all forms of family violence. Access the full range at https://bit.ly/2O9jkLD #16days #orangetheworld @Monash_Arts

Our recently released Research brief on the 'Criminalisation of Coercive Control' examines recent debates to bring coercive control beyond the clinical practice setting into the remit of the criminal law. Read it here https://bit.ly/3o2wI3p #16days #orangetheworld

Tuesday 1 December

In 2020 Centre PostDoc Research Fellow @Naomi_Pfitzner has led rapid response research on the ‘Shadow Pandemic’. Read about Naomi’s expertise and research here: https://research.monash.edu/en/persons/naomi-pfitzner #MelbourneExperiment #16Days #orangetheworld @MonashUni

Register now to hear Centre Postdoc Research Fellow @Naomi_Pfitzner present her Covid-19 & family violence research today alongside a panel of @MonashUni experts. Register at: https://bit.ly/3fvnAkv @MonashBusiness @JacquiTrue @AshwDeshpande #16Days #orangetheworld

Wednesday 2 December

In 2020 Centre researchers @SilkeMeyer_DFV @Kate_FitzGibbon are leading an @AICriminology project examining family violence perpetrator focused screening & risk assessment. Read about the project here: https://bit.ly/33aCo38 #16Days #orangetheworld @NTVorg @MonashCrim

Do you work with or provide services to men? We want to hear about your screening practices for domestic & family violence. Please consider responding to our short survey, 5-10 minutes only http://bit.ly/35T4ssu Pls RT #16Days #orangetheworld @NTVorg @AICriminology

Thursday 3 December

Today is #IDPwD. Built on stories women shared with us about their experiences of FV & disability @MonashGFV & @TriciaMalowney developed a toolkit to assist women to identify economic abuse. Access it at: https://bit.ly/2D7rVbm @JanemareeMaher @jasminelmcgowan #16Days

Earlier this year Centre collaborator & President of @WWDA_AU @TriciaMalowney wrote for @GuardianAus about how quickly systems can pivot to inclusivity when they need to. Read her article on workplace flexibility at: https://bit.ly/39alNjW #16days #orangetheworld

Friday 4 December

Please join @Jude_McCulloch, @CarringtonKL & Brazilian colleagues for the launch of a collaborative publication on prevention policies for GBV against women & girls in Brazil & Australia today @ 8am #16days@UN_Women Join soon via this zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89540648679

In 2020 Centre members have continued to build our collaborative DV research network with Brazilian colleagues. In 2019 this exchange was funded by #AustralianEmbassyinBrazil & #COALAR https://bit.ly/370MXqB @Monash_Arts @MonashUni #16days #orangetheworld

Saturday 5 December

Since August the Centre has partnered with @dvvic to deliver a 'Responding to the Shadow Pandemic' webinar series. We have been astounded by the interest this series has received. All recordings are available to view at https://bit.ly/2Hz5QbC #16days #orangetheworld

Our final webinar in our 'Shadow Pandemic' webinar series with @dvvic will examine the mental health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on women. Join us on 16th December. Register here: https://bit.ly/2UXBNgw #16Days #orangetheworld @maprc1 @jayashrikulkar1

Sunday 6 December

In 2019 the Centre began an evaluation of an early intervention combined program for family violence & AOD. ‘U-Turn’ is run by TaskForce. Led by @SilkeMeyer_DFV we have evaluated three waves of participants & affected family members. Details here https://bit.ly/3nW9R9D #16days

Recently published: ‘Combining Group-based Interventions for Intimate Partner Violence Perpetrators With Comorbid Substance Use: An Australian Study of Cross-sector Practitioner Views’ by @SilkeMeyer_DFV  @Kate_FitzGibbon @JessicaBurley16 Access at https://bit.ly/2UWe5Bn #16days

Monday 7 December

Centre researcher Associate Prof @MSegrave conducts vital research on the intersection of temporary migration & family violence. In 2020 Marie has led work with @inTouchVic on the experiences of temporary visa holders during COVID-19. Access at https://bit.ly/39bgdxM #16Days

The Centre is thrilled to announce that @MSegrave will continue this vital work with @JanemareeMaher @inTouchVic @aus_harmony @AWAVA_women as part of a newly funded @arc_gov_au Linkage project ‘Accessing the family violence provision: enhancing migrant women’s safety’ #16DaysTuesday 8 December

Tuesday 8 December

Centre researchers @Kate_FitzGibbon & Prof Sandra Walklate are leading a program of research examining the efficacy of Domestic Violence Disclosure Schemes (also known as ‘Clare’s Law’) in Australia & the UK. Read project outputs at https://www.monash.edu/arts/gender-and-family-violence/research-and-projects/domestic-violence-disclosure-schemes #16Days #orangetheworld

We are very excited to announce that this research will continue as part of an @arc_gov_au funded Discovery Project. Beginning in 2021 they will conduct the first Australian national study to examine the merits, risks & impact of domestic violence disclosure schemes. #16Days

Wednesday 9 December

Today we launch the findings of our examination of the Specialist Investigators Support Unit (SISU)’s psychological services to support positive outcomes for mental health & wellbeing of @VictoriaPolice working on FV, sexual offending & child abuse #16days https://bit.ly/3qDRWX5

Listen to Inaugural AC  Family Violence Dean McWhirter & current AC Family Violence Lauren Callaway discuss the SISU & our report findings.#16days @VictoriaPolice Access report and watch the full video here: https://bit.ly/3qDRWX5

Thursday 10 December

On #HumanRightsDay the final day of #16Days we recognise the expertise, insights, ongoing resilience & strength of those affected by family violence who generously share their time, resources & stories & all of the activists & advocates who continue to work to prevent & end #VAW.

Deputy Director @SilkeMeyer_DFV’s research advocates for child-centred approaches to children affected by DFV. On #WorldChildrensDay 2020 we hosted a webinar on the Invisibility of Children's Risk & Wellbeing during COVID-19 #16Days Watch it under recent events  here:  https://bit.ly/37opBvc