Gender, equality and family violence prevention: interview with Professor JaneMaree Maher

If 80% of violence by adolescents is by sons against their mothers – what does this tell us about gender and equality and the prevention of family violence?

Why does international evidence show 80% of adolescent violence is committed by sons against their mothers? Why is more than one woman per week killed by their current or ex intimate partner in Australia? What do we need to do to make sure people with disability who may face violence are recognised and supported? What other challenges and barriers need to be overcome for all our different communities including migrants, LGBTIQ and male victims? What are the gaps in preventing further non-fatal and fatal family violence and how effective are the intervention programs and respite services?

As part of Monash Arts Researchers podcast series, Professor JaneMaree Maher shares her research examining these questions and possible solutions. These investigative projects, their findings and policy recommendations are driven by Professor Maher and Monash’s Gender & Family Violence research team, with many funded by the Victorian government and peak bodies in the family violence sector in Australia. The projects are playing a key role in the implementation of the recommendations from the world-first Royal Commission into Family Violence as tabled in Victorian parliament in 2016.

Listen to Part I and Part II of our interview with Professor JaneMaree Maher:

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