CRAF Review of the Family Violence Risk Assessment and Risk Management Framework in Victoria


Investigators: Professor Jude McCulloch, Professor JaneMaree Maher, Dr Kate Fitz-Gibbon, Associate Professor Marie Segrave, Dr James Roffee

(RCFV Recommendation 1)

About the review

In 2016, the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) contracted with a team at Monash GFV to conduct a review of the Common Risk Assessment Framework (CRAF) as part of the DHHS response to the Victorian Royal Commission on Family Violence.

At the one year anniversary in March 2017, the Department of Premier and Cabinet reaffirmed their commitment to act on the Monash CRAF Review recommendations.

The final report of the CRAF Review, findings and recommendations are now published. The Review makes twenty-seven recommendations aimed at enhancing the use and usability of the CRAF and more effectively embedding it across different professional groups.