Evaluation Framework: Victoria Police Specialist Investigators Support Unit

Investigators: Professor JaneMaree Maher, Dr Carlyn Muir, Dr Helen McKernan, Dr Naomi Pfitzner, Professor Jude McCulloch, Associate Professor Marie Segrave, Dr Silke Meyer, Dr Kate Fitz-Gibbon and Associate Professor Leanne Weber

Project contact: Professor JaneMaree Maher

About the project

The MGFVPC has been commissioned by Victoria Police (VP) Family Violence Command (FVC) to examine the development and implementation of the Specialist Investigators Support Unit (SISU)’s psychological services designed to support positive outcomes for the mental health and wellbeing of VP employees who work on themes of family violence, sexual offending and child abuse and are located in FVIUs, SOCITs and a range of related areas. The overall aim of the research is to provide data on the development and implementation of the SISU’s services and to develop an evaluation framework that will assist the SISU to meet its strategic goals as outlined in ‘Policing Harm, Upholding the Right’.


We are very pleased to announce that the final report has been released.

The report provides an outline of the SISU model of service delivery, and an analysis of the service implementation conducted by Monash University on behalf of Victoria Police in 2019/20.

Citation: Maher, J, Muir, C, McKernan, H, Pfitzner, N & McCulloch, J (2020) Victoria Police Specialist Investigators Support Unit: A Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing Initiative. Melbourne: Monash University.

We spoke with Inaugural Assistant Commissioner, Family Violence Dean McWhirter, Current Assistant Commissioner, Family Violence Lauren Callaway and Dr Amanda Bond, Head of the Specialist Investigators Support Unit (SISU) to discuss the final report findings and future plans for the SISU.