Expert advisor role with IKEA Australia

Project lead: Associate Professor Kate Fitz-GibbonAssociate Professor recording a training video at IKEA store

Over the last year Centre Director and Associate Professor Kate Fitz-Gibbon has worked with IKEA Australia to transform their domestic and family violence policy. This included conducting an expert review of the workplace policies and supports available, and developing a domestic and family violence training package for all employees. The updated Domestic & Family Violence policy of the company now supports its employees with:
  • Access to 15 days paid leave per year for co-workers experiencing domestic and family violence
  • Co-workers supporting family members experiencing domestic and family violence can also access 2 days leave
  • Co-workers experiencing domestic and family violence can be supported with the development of a tailored support plan to help ensure their safety and so they can continue to be employed as part of the IKEA family. Elements of the support plan will be adapted to the specific situation but may include temporary or permanent changes to their role, work location or working hours to avoid a perpetrator, among other things.
The new policy and whole of company training signals the very real commitment that IKEA is making to ensuring their employees (at every level) who experience family violence are supported at work.

"Working with leading family violence expert Associate Professor Kate Fitz-Gibbon, we have made changes to ensure we can better support all co-workers and their families, and in particular those who are affected by domestic and family violence."  
-  Mirja Viinanen, IKEA Australia Country Retail Manager and Chief Sustainability Officer

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For more information on this project and for expert advice on family and domestic violence policy and training for your organisation, please contact Associate Professor Kate Fitz-Gibbon via email: