Exploring practitioners' views on discussing intimate partner sexual violence in domestic and family violence perpetrator interventions

Investigators: Dr Nicola Helps, Associate Professor Kate Fitz-Gibbon, Elena Robertson (No to Violence), Isobel Montgomery (No to Violence), Hannah Petocz

Project contact: Dr Nicola Helps

About the research

In partnership with No to Violence, this project examines practitioners’ views on responding to sexual violence in DFV perpetrator interventions. The project will examine how sexual violence is currently responded to, as well as practitioners’ training experience related to discussing sexual violence with perpetrators. This project will further build the evidence base to enhance program responses to perpetrators of sexual violence. The findings will be beneficial for organisations developing and delivering perpetrator interventions and will be published in a publicly available final report, research brief and academic journal articles.


In partnership with No to Violence, we are seeking practitioners working in the DFV perpetrator intervention space.
To participate follow this link:

For further details about this research please contact project lead, Dr Nicola Helps via email: nicola.helps@monash.edu