LGBTIQA+ victim-survivors’ experiences with Victoria’s family violence intervention order system

Project contact: Dr Ellen Reeves

About the research

This project, in partnership with the LGBTIQ Legal Service, seeks to better understand the ways in which LGBTIQA+ Victorians interact with and experience the family violence intervention order (FVIO) system. The study will also seek to capture LGBTIQA+ persons’ experiences of being ‘misidentified’ as the predominant aggressor in a family violence context. Utilising surveys, in-depth interviews and court file analysis, data will be triangulated to allow for the emergence of nuanced insights into the effectiveness of the FVIO system as a tool to respond to family violence in LGBTIQA+ relationships and/or family violence committed against LGBTIQA+ identifying persons. The findings of the study will be widely disseminated in a publicly available report in December 2022.

Research output

Research Brief:  Domestic and family violence experienced by LGBTIQA+ persons


The survey is seeking participants for our study on LGBTIQA+ family violence victim-survivors and their experiences with the 'family violence intervention order' system. The anonymous online survey can be accessed here:

For further details about this research please contact project lead, Dr Ellen Reeves via email: