New Parents, New Possibilities - Family Violence Prevention for LGBTIQ+ Parented Families

Project Team

Project Lead: Drummond Street Services

Project Partners: Associate Professor Silke Meyer (Monash Gender and Family Violence Prevention Centre, Monash University) and Rainbow Families Victoria

Project Advisors: Dr Jennifer Power (Australian Research Centre for Sex, Health and Society (ARCSHS), LaTrobe University) and Dr Ruth McNair (Honorary Associate Professor at the Department of General Practice, University of Melbourne and a general practitioner at Northside Clinic)

Project Funding: Funded by Respect Victoria under the 2019 Priority Populations Research Program

Project Overview

This project uses an action research methodology – engaging with community members and service providers to participate in the design, implementation and evaluation of primary prevention initiatives. The cycles of action research will contribute to developing an evidence base on what works to prevent family violence in the transition to parenthood for LGBTIQ parents.

The project builds on evidence that the transition to parenthood represents an important ‘window of opportunity’ to address the drivers of family violence in a universal setting. The project’s key focus is on understanding risk and protective factors, acknowledging that primary prevention programming and practice must be based on a strong understanding of how and why violence occurs.

The project will:

  • generate new knowledge on risk and protective factors by undertaking a review of the literature, a clinical file audit and focus groups with community members and key service providers
  • identify where similarities and differences exist for LGBTIQ parents in comparison to heterosexual parents
  • develop and pilot a family violence primary prevention initiative or suite of initiatives using a co-designed action research methodology
  • make recommendations for uptake of findings in policy and practice.

The project acknowledges diversity within LBGTIQ communities and may include, for example, developing and testing tailored initiatives to meet the needs of specific cohorts of parents.

Project Outputs

The following outputs were produced from this project:

  • Final Report
  • Perinatal Sector Training
  • Webinar Series
  • Interactive Case Studies
  • Sector Booklet
  • Resources for LGBTIQ+ parents
  • Launch event

You can access these outputs on the Centre for Family Research & Evaluation project page.