Respectful Relationships professional Learning for Early Childhood Educators

Project team

Investigators:  Marie Hammer (Primary Chief Investigator), Iris Duhn, Stella Laletas, Liang Li, Gloria Quinones Goytortua, Robyn Babaeff, Jo Hansen Lauren Armstrong, Naomi Pfitzner, and Glykeria Fragkiadaki


The Faculty of Education was contracted by the Victorian Department of Education and Training in 2018 to deliver a professional learning package designed for early childhood educators across the State. Implemented over three years, the program increased educator knowledge about the role of gender equality in the prevention of family violence, the drivers and causes of family violence; and increased the capacity of educators to model and build respectful relationships with children and with each other.
This latest project is the 2021-2023 iteration of this initiative and will involve the refinement and delivery of the original professional learning, as well as the design, development, and delivery of a train the trainer package. In addition to the original objective of the project, the train the trainer aims to build the capacity of the Respectful Relationships workforce and early childhood professionals within the Department to deliver the professional learning and support early childhood educators to promote Respectful Relationships and gender equality at their centres.

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