Adolescent family violence in Victoria (2018)

Investigating adolescent family violence in Victoria (2018)

MGFV Investigators: Dr Kate Fitz-Gibbon, Professor JaneMaree Maher and Dr Karla Elliott
Project contacts: Dr Kate Fitz-Gibbon and Professor JaneMaree Maher

Adolescent family violence (AFV) describes violence perpetrated by young people against family members. This distinct form of family violence has a detrimental effect on the health and wellbeing of families. To date, there is limited research examining AFV, and few tailored responses and programs to address it.

Investigating adolescent family violence project

Investigating adolescent family violence is a project recently finalised by a multidisciplinary team of Monash University researchers from the School of Social Sciences, the Department of General Practice, and the Department of Social Work. It explored attitudes towards, patterns of, and the impact of AFV. The project built on, and complemented, work being conducted in the United Kingdom (titled Investigating adolescent violence towards parents). Associate Professor Rachel Condry , Oxford University, the lead researcher on adolescent violence research in the UK visited and conducted a workshop with Monash researchers in February 2017.

The findings will be of relevance to all Australian jurisdictions, and have the potential to inform and reform legal, health and social responses to AFV, and provide a greater understanding of ‘risk’.

International Network Addressing Filial Violence

Dr Kate Fitz-Gibbon and Associate Professor Rachel Condry are leading the establishment of an International Network Addressing Filial Violence, which held its first network event in Prato, Italy in September 2018. The aim for this network is to bring together leading experts to undertake focused research on the commission of violence by children against their parents across the life course. The initial membership of the network includes academics from Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States.

Project Publications

Final Report

Executive summary

Full report - Investigating Adolescent Family Violence in Victoria: Understanding Experiences and Practitioner Perspectives

Key Report Recommendations

  • Establishing systematic and comprehensive data collection strategies on AFV in a range of service contexts to generate an evidence base which can support the development of new programs, and risk sensitive service responses
  • The development of integrated service responses for vulnerable children and young people,including a coordinated response to adolescent family violence in Victoria between various sites, programs and services, including schools
  • Sector-specific training be provided to professionals who are likely first responders in cases of adolescent family violence, including police, primary and secondary school teachers
  • Consideration be given to developing interim and short term respite for families experiencing adolescent family violence, including care options for adolescents who use family violence beyond child protection or residential care
  • Future research explores the different ways in which gender impacts assessments of criminality and how parents experience adolescent family violence to support the development of effective and targeted responses that address different gendered patterns and prevalence.

Watch a recording of the launch of the Report, including a panel discussion, on 18 August 2018:

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Support services

If you need urgent help, call the police on 000.

If you think you may be experiencing adolescent family violence or need support services related to adolescent family violence, please contact one the following Victorian support services: