About Us

Monash Gender, Peace & Security Centre is a research centre focused on issues of gender, peace and security. Our vision is to provide research evidence to support the integration of gender perspectives into peace and security policies in Australia, Asia and the Pacific, and globally. We seek to use our research to inform scholarly debate, policy development and implementation, and public understanding about the gendered nature of insecurity and the search for peace.

Drawing upon the agenda set by the United Nation’s Security Council Resolution 1325 (2000) on the ‘Women, Peace and Security’, Monash GPS is focused upon four research areas:

  • Women’s meaningful participation in peace
  • Gender and preventing violent extremism
  • Institutionalising Women, Peace and Security
  • Conflict-related sexual and gender-based violence

Our research adopts a cross-cutting intersectional (with a focus upon youth) and feminist political economy analysis across all four research areas.

Our research, education, and engagement is aimed at the global level, with a particular focus on the Asia and Pacific region.

In addition to research with international, government and industry partners, community-engagement with civil society, and academic publications, Monash GPS staff engage in undergraduate and graduate teaching, executive education and PhD supervision.

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