Newsletter Issue 31, August 2021

Welcome to the August Issue of the GPS Newsletter

UN Women have recently released an animation to promote the Monash Gender Peace and Security Centre’s research on misogyny, violence against women and violent extremism. “The Impact of Gender Identities, Norms and Relations on Violent Extremism” summarises the GPS Centre’s research conducted in Bangladesh, Indonesia and the Philippines in 2019.

Read more about A Gender Sensitive Approach to Preventing Violent Extremism in Asia and the Pacific, including reports and policy briefs, and watch the full animation on our website. You can read more about UN Women’s work on Preventing Violent Extremism on their website.

Emerging Practices in Regeneration: Feminist Alternatives to Depletion

The Monash Gender, Peace and Security Centre will be convening a virtual symposium in collaboration with the University of Warwick Interdisciplinary Research Centre for International Development (WICID) to highlight existing and emerging knowledge and experiences of addressing depletive social reproduction in the context of the pandemic and other current global crises. As the world grapples with the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, we seek to explore an integrated approach to tackle the interlinked challenges of the multiple ongoing crises of political and social conflict, the global economic downturn and climate change. This conference aims to bring forward initiatives and research from around the world that consider social reproduction as an integral part of the transformational efforts which the current global crises require. Building on the concept of regeneration, we will consider how social reproduction can be integrated into ongoing public discussions about transforming societies and economies to meet current and future global challenges.

Detailed information about speakers and times will be shared shortly. Please contact if you have any inquiries. If you would like to learn more about social reproduction, view the annotated bibliography here. For more on the ongoing WICID-GPS collaborative work on the topic, please see here.

Girl Up 2021 Leadership Summit Tour: Asia & Oceania

On Monday July 12, Centre Director Professor Jacqui True participated in the Girl Up Leadership Summit Tour: Asia and Oceania. The Asia and Oceania panel’s theme was ‘Climate Justice for Gender Equality’ which explored the link between climate change and an increase in sexual and gender-based violence. You can watch the recording on the Girl Up YouTube channel here.

The 2021 Leadership Summit Tour was held over 6 days between July 7 and July 12 and virtually toured six regions; North America, Latin America & the Caribbean, Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East & North Africa, and Asia & Oceania, each exploring topics that are important to communities around the world. You can watch the recordings from the other regions on the Girl Up website here.

Recent Publications

Journal Articles

‘Navigating gender in elite bargains: Women’s movements and the quest for inclusive peace in Colombia’, by Alexandra Phelan and Jacqui True in Review of International Studies

‘Neither Seen nor Heard: The Invisibility of Children in the Global Politics of Peace, Security and responses to COVID-19’, by Katrina Lee-Koo and Eleanor Gordon in Georgetown Journal of International Affairs


‘Criminalising the Right to Seek Asylum’, by Henrik Larsen and Eleanor Gordon in Border Criminologies

‘Gender inclusion transforms rather than threatens elite bargains to end conflict’, by Alexandra Phelan and Jacqui True in British International Studies Association

‘Rural Women’s Resistance to Neoliberal Agricultural Reform: the Women of Monaragala Sri Lanka’, by Buddhima Padmasiri and Samanthi Gunawardana in Progress in Political Economy

‘Supporting the victims of sexual violence in Myanmar’, by Phyu Phyu Oo and Sara E Davies in The Interpreter


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