Webinar: Misogynistic Terrorism and the Far-Right

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3 November 2020 at 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
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Monash Gender Peace and Security


Speaker: Caron Gentry

Based upon the argument Caron Gentry makes in Disorder Violence (2020), in this talk she creates an academically grounded argument for ‘misogynistic terrorism.’ By tracing out the historical trajectory for this idea, she builds upon the older legacy of ‘patriarchal terrorism,’ which examines a particular type of domestic abuse, one that is enduring, controlling, and dependent upon patriarchal structures. Overtime, different scholars have morphed the term and definition from patriarchal to intimate to everyday terrorism. With each turn, the idea of this form of terrorism broadened to include other forms of gender-based violence. Nevertheless, all of these violences were still dependent upon patriarchal structures and misogynist ideology. Misogynist terrorism goes even further by including the mass shootings in the US, where women are the disproportionate victims, and the rise of Incel violence.

Contact: Dr Alexandra Phelan (alexandra.r.phelan@monash.edu)