Sarah Hewitt

GPS Fellow

Dr Sarah Hewitt completed her PhD in April 2020. Supported by a Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) scholarship under the Australian Research Council’s Linkage Project ‘Toward Inclusive Peace: Mapping Gender Provisions in Peace Agreements,’ her thesis titled, Opportunities for Transformation? The Implementation of Gender Provisions in Peace Agreements and Women’s Participation in Post-Conflict Transitions, explores women’s participation during and after peace processes in Nepal and Kenya. Combining feminist political economy analysis with theories of patriarchal social structures, Sarah's PhD research examines how women’s participation and the inclusion of gender provisions in peace agreements affects women’s ongoing participation and their rights in post-conflict societies. She raises critical questions on the social structures that constrain women’s participation and (re)produce and aggravate gender inequalities in post-conflict societies. Sarah examines the implementation of peace agreements and post-conflict constitutions to understand the enabling and constraining factors affecting women’s participation and women’s rights.

During her doctoral study, Sarah has engaged expansively with government policymakers, non-governmental organisations and civil society advocates as well as scholarly communities. For instance, Sarah assisted with the ‘Towards Inclusive Peace’ Linkage Project stakeholder conferences in Bangkok, Thailand, and Nadi, Fiji, attended by practitioners, scholars and policymakers from across Asia and the Pacific. Sarah has publications in International Feminist Journal of Politics (IFJP) and Global Responsibility to Protect (GR2P) with her article in GR2P winning the Monash University Faculty of Arts Postgraduate Publication prize in 2017. She has collaborated on co-authored chapters for distinguished university presses including Oxford University Press with experts in the field of Feminist International Relations, peace and conflict studies, the Women, Peace and Security agenda, and the Responsibility to Protect doctrine.

Sarah has undertaken teaching associate duties for two undergraduate courses—Introduction to International Relations and Gender and International Relations—receiving a ‘Purple Letter for Outstanding Teaching’ for the latter. She is currently unit coordinator for the third-stage unit, Gender and International Relations, with the Monash University Faculty of Arts in Semester 2, 2020.