PhD Candidates


Helen Stenger (2021)

A Gender Perspective on the Rehabilitation of Returning Foreign Fighters

Elliot Dolan-Evans (2020)

Profit over Peace: IFIs and women’s participation during war and transition in Ukraine

Yasmin Chilmeran (2020)

Navigating Gender, Conflict and International Intervention in Post-2003 Iraq: Iraqi Women’s Civil Society Organisations and Women’s Participation in Peacebuilding

Sarah Hewitt (2020)

Opportunities for Transformation? The Implementation of Gender Provisions in Peace Agreements and Women’s Participation in Post-Conflict Transitions

Noor Huda Ismail (2019)

Foreign Fighters, Gender and Globalisation

Barbara Trojanowska (2018)

Prospects for Gender Equality in Peace and Security Policymaking: The Potential of the United Nations’ Women, Peace and Security Agenda

Jenny Hedstrom (2018)

Reproducing Revolution: A Feminist Political Economy Analysis of the Conflict in Kachinland

Maria Tanyag (2018)

Embodiments of Crisis: A Feminist Political Economy Analysis of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in the Philippines