Yasmin Chilmeran

PhD Candidate

Yasmin Chilmeran is a doctoral candidate at Monash University. Her work focuses on women’s civil society, peace processes and participation in post-conflict settings, with a focus on Iraq and the MENA region more broadly. She is one of the PhD candidates working on a larger Linkage project relating to gender provisions in peace processes and is responsible for the MENA cases within that project. Yasmin’s doctoral thesis examines women’s participation in building peace and security in Iraq, with close attention paid to women’s organising and the role international gender norms play in shaping this participation – this includes the Women, Peace and Security framework and its implementation in Iraq. Yasmin has also worked on several Monash GPS P/CVE projects, most recently on the UN Women Asia Pacific’s ‘A Gender Sensitive Approach to Preventing Violent Extremism in Asia and the Pacific’ project.

Yasmin is one of the American Political Studies Association’s 2019 MENA Workshop fellows, and will be attending workshops held in the MENA region on the theme for 2019: “Women and Politics: MENA Experiences”.

Yasmin’s previous Masters research analysed the role of women’s civil society organisations in Jordan and the local and international gender norms affecting their work. She has also been a member of the Young-Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom in Australia and has previously interned at Amnesty International in New Zealand and the Border Crossing Observatory at Monash University.