Conflict-related Sexual and Gender-based Violence (SGBV)

Current Projects

The Political Economy of Post-conflict Violence against Women​ (2015-2019)

Investigator: Jacqui True

Project type: Australian Research Council Future Fellowship


Led by Prof. Jacqui True this fellowship project examines post-conflict and political transitions as major opportunities for advancing women’s rights and participation. Yet an apparent spike in sexual and gender-based violence against women hinders these opportunities once armed conflict is stabilised or regime change is achieved. This project seeks to explain the causes of that violence and its consequences for women’s economic and political participation in different environments. The research will compare post-conflict, political transition and non-conflict countries across two regions, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East and North Africa, examining the gender inequalities, regional patterns, and global forces that appear to heighten violence against women and hinder women’s participation.

Preventing Mass Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in Asia Pacific (2014-ongoing)

Investigators: Sara DaviesJacqui True

Project Type: Australian Research Council Discovery Project

Project Website:

Open Access Preventing Mass Sexual Violence in Asia Pacific Database:


The Prevention of Sexual Violence in Asia Pacific project is concerned with understanding the relationship between endemic violence against women with widespread and systematic sexual and gender based violence. We are documenting all reports of violence against women and girls in three countries: Philippines, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. The purpose is to understand the relationship between political violence, violence against women and spikes in sexual violence atrocities against these populations. The study covers 1998 to ongoing period. We are also conducting fieldwork in each of the three cases to identify reporting gaps and supplement our database on reporting patterns.

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