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Peace and Gender Podcast

Peace and Gender is a podcast about the people behind research and action on gender, peace and security.

From Pillars to Practice: pushing the boundaries of 'Women, Peace and Security'

LSE Centre for WPS, Oxford Handbook on Women, Peace and Security: UK Launch

Making Music in Divided Cities, Part 2

Dr Lesley Pruitt, 3CR Radio, 2/11/17

In the second of 3CR's special series on making music in divided cities, they travel with Lesley Pruitt from the Gender, Peace and Security Centre at Monash University, first to Belfast in Northern Ireland, and then back to Brisbane. Lesley talks about her investigations into the way music can, to use her words, create 'dialogue across difference', and enhance young people's participation in collaboration, conflict resolution and advancing gender equity.


Interview with Professor Jacqui True and Dr Maria Tanyag

Flavia Bellieni Zimmerman, AIIA for WA

Feminist Approaches to International Relations

Interview: Professor Jacqui True, ABC The World, 27/8/18

From 13m30s to 20m50s

Interview: Dr Samanthi Gunawardana, SBS Sinhalese, 19/7/18

මොනෑෂ් විශ්ව විද්‍යාලයත් Oxfam Australia ත් එක්ව ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ ග්‍රාමීය කාන්තාවන් ගේ සමාජ දායකත්වය පිලිබඳ නවතම වාර්තාවක් එලි දක්වයි

Monash University and Oxfam Australia unveil a new report on the contribution of rural women in Sri Lanka

Interview: Dr Maria Tanyag, 3CR Radio, 7/3/18

Women's voices on climate change

Dr Maria Tanyag from Monash Gender, Peace and Security Centre talking about her new project, gender responsive alternatives on climate change on 3CR (starts at 51:00, ends at 1:00:00).

Interview: Dr Maria Tanyag, 3CR Radio, 22/11/17

16 days of activism against gender based violence

Maria tells 3CR about her PhD field work with women in the Philippines. She talks about how rigorous research is essential to inform and change global and national policies around women's reproductive rights (starts at 1:09:00, finishes at 1:21:30).