Funded research projects

Below are existing PhD research projects with scholarship funding that are NOW recruiting.

PhD scholarship in digital media studies – Chinese social media platforms, industry, and policy

This PhD scholarship is funded as an important part of an Australian Research Council (ARC) funded project “Outbound Chinese social media platforms and platform governance” conducted by Dr Luzhou Li. The ARC project investigates the operational structures of Chinese social media platforms inside and outside of China; how outbound Chinese social media platforms self-regulate their content; and investigates external regulatory scrutinies over outbound Chinese platforms.

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PhD scholarship in anthropology – assisted reproduction in Southern Africa

This project aims to investigate the global networks and emerging markets for assisted reproduction in Southern Africa. It will focus upon the mobilities of patients to South Africa for assisted reproduction and mobility of ova providers, gametes, embryos and medical staff across Africa and to and from Australia. This project is anticipated to provide theoretical insights on the social impacts of reproductive travel across national borders for improved public policy responses.

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PhD Scholarship in Social Science – Sustainability transformation pathways for small to medium enterprises

The project will examine how small to medium enterprises’ (SMEs) capacity for experimentation and innovation enables their adoption of sustainable business models to drive sustainable transformations. The research outcomes are critical for understanding and supporting innovative strategies for organising and governing SMEs’ pathways to a sustainable society. The knowledge developed will support business sustainability transformations in Australia and internationally. The successful applicant will join the research team and contribute to the wider project but will also undertake their own distinct PhD project. The details of the PhD project are open to negotiation, but it may involve a comparative sectoral analysis of SMEs adopting sustainable business models and practices.

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PhD scholarship in bioethics – ethical and social issues in translating epigenetics into antenatal care

This project investigates how knowledge about the intergenerational transmission of health and disease is shaping antenatal care in Australia. It focuses on the implications of epigenetics for pregnant women considered to be at-risk for maternal behaviours that are linked with foetal harm. The successful applicant will join the research team and contribute to the wider project by undertaking a PhD project on the ethical issues raised by alcohol consumption in pregnancy or obesity prevention through preconception health.

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Practice PhD scholarship in a multimedia digital history project – Using virtual and augmented reality to engage audiences in the impact of convicts on Australian democracy

Monash University Arts Graduate Research is funding an inter-disciplinary Practice/Exegesis PhD scholarship to investigate how virtual and augmented reality and enhanced data visualizations can be used to understand the impact of transported convicts on Australian democracy. The research will form part of an ARC funded research project and will contribute to specific components of the project, notably a travelling digital exhibition, an online transmedia hub delivering content to a variety of display devices, and educational resources.

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