Funded research projects

Below are existing PhD research projects with scholarship funding that are NOW recruiting.

PhD Scholarship in Social Science – Creating transformative policy contexts for advancing SMEs’ sustainability practices

This Monash-funded PhD scholarship will contribute to an international research collaboration referred to as TRANSFORM ( TRANSFROM is a global research partnership that seeks to advance sustainability entrepreneurship and transform local contexts. The successful applicant will join the Australian research team to undertake their own distinct PhD project, while contributing to the international research program. Working with Associate Professor Megan Farrelly and Associate Wendy Stubbs, the PhD candidate will examine the enabling policy environments that support small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) to adopt more sustainable business practices.

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PhD Scholarship in Environmental Communication – Sport, Environmental Issues and Sustainability

The successful applicant will join the research team and contribute to the overall project, which investigates the range of environmental messages communicated through sports media, and how these messages reflect and negotiate the dilemma of promoting environmental awareness through popular events and activities that inevitably generate their own significant ecological footprints. The successful applicant will join the research team and contribute to the wider project by undertaking their own distinct PhD project.

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PhD Scholarship in Social Science - Household and community innovations for low waste cities

The project will explore the connections between household and community innovations; the ways in which households interact with their communities to facilitate low waste living. For example, this may include initiatives around resource sharing such as toy libraries, or tool libraries, or informal practices such as neighbourhood resource sharing or composting to reduce overall resource consumption, or community led initiatives to reduce packaging in commercial retail. The candidate will be encouraged and supported to undertake a Swedish/Australian comparison under the mentorship of the Supervisors A/Prof Ruth Lane and Prof Jo Lindsay and international Partner Investigator Prof Annica Kronsell.

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AI and Transitions in Evidence Use for Policymaking: A Cross-National Study

Are you passionate about novel solutions to longstanding public problems? Keen to identify approaches to sustainability transitions that can be taken up by public decision-makers within their existing day-day work? Looking to have your experience in public policy processes and interests in data science recognised and expanded? Then this is the PhD project for you!

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Designing AI for aged care: how to increase trust and engagement in new technology

Are you interested in undertaking research that advances the wellbeing of older people? Do you wish to explore the role that technology—specifically AI—may play in empowerment in later life? This exciting project focuses on designing AI for aged care to increase trust and engagement in the technology.

This project will engage with stakeholders and end-users to examine their views and attitudes towards current and future AI technology as applied to aged care, aiming to fill in the gap between the promise of existing technologies and what end-users need. It will shed light on how AI may be designed and implemented to ensure that it is trusted by aged care residents and their families, health and aged-care professionals, and the public to address needs and aspirations of older people.

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PhD Scholarship in Historical Studies – Second Generation Vietnamese overseas: Links with Vietnam

Refugee crises around the world highlight issues of identity and belonging among second generation refugees and migrants. By focusing on second generation Vietnamese in Australia, this project strives to examine identity formation, secondary trauma, and linguistic and cultural interactions in the wake of war and the refugee experience. It aims to provide a deeper understanding of Australia’s largest refugee community, foster positive community relations, and strengthen Australia’s social fabric. This PhD scholarship is funded as part of an important Australian Research Council (ARC) funded Discovery Project The Refugee Legacy for the Second Generation: The Vietnamese in Australia.

Duration: 3 year and 3 month fixed-term appointment (full-time)

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