Funded research projects

Below are existing PhD research projects with scholarship funding that are NOW recruiting.

PhD Scholarship in Preventative Medicine and the Medici Court, 1530-1737

This PhD scholarship is an important part of the ARC-funded project “Pursuing Public Health in the Preindustrial World, 1100-1800,” led by Professor Guy Geltner.

The team project will reconstruct and analyse preventative healthcare theory, policy and practice across three regions between 1100-1800—India, the Eastern Mediterranean and Europe—through the prism of three mobile and sedentary groups: pilgrims, miners and courts. The successful applicant will join an international and multi-disciplinary research team and contribute to the wider project, while undertaking their own distinct PhD project, which they are welcome to design under the broad contours of Medici-era preventative healthcare.

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Closing Date: Friday 13 May 2022, 11:55pm AEST

PhD Scholarship in Islamic Intellectual History – “Through the Lens of Sufism: Global Dissemination of Knowledge in Islam”

This PhD scholarship is funded as an important part of an Australian Research Council (ARC) funded project, "Through the Lens of Sufism: Global Dissemination of Knowledge in Islam", conducted by Senior Researcher Dr Aydogan Kars. The project investigates the legacy of Sufism on Islamic intellectual history.

The PhD scholarship funds doctoral studies focusing on the examination of Ibn ‘Arabi (1165-1240), his work, heritage, later influence, and/or reception. Accepted students will be expected to have the ability to work on primary source materials to discover new information on Ibn Arabi’s works and/or their later dissemination.

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Closing Date: Friday 20 May 2022, 11.55pm AEST

PhD Scholarship in Social Science – Lived experiences of bushfire affected communities with a focus on how granting and funding during and following disasters affect individual and community resilience

This PhD scholarship is funded to support research in several Australian regional/rural communities that have been impacted by bushfires. Working in conjunction with the communities and the supervisory team, the successful candidate will be enrolled in the Faculty of Arts to undertake a project that will make an important contribution to the Fire to Flourish Program.

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Closing Date: Monday 30 May 2022, 11:55pm AEST

PhD Scholarship in SOPHIS – The Other Democracy: Medes in the Iron Age

This PhD scholarship is funded as an important part of an ARC funded project, "The Other Democracy: Medes in the Iron Age", by Dr Hilary Gopnik (Monash University), Associate Professor Leah Minc (Oregon State University) and Professor Pam Crabtree (New York University).

This project aims to use evidence from archaeology and historical texts to develop a new understanding of the consensus-based political system of the Medes of the Zagros Mountains, Iran in the first millennium BCE. The project will undertake an analysis of the ceramic and faunal material from the two Median sites of Godin Tepe and Tepe Nush-i Jan in order to better understand provisioning of ceramics and animal products at the two congregational sites. The successful applicant will contribute to the project but will also undertake their own distinct PhD project related to the archaeology of Media.

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Closing Date: Monday 13 June 2022, 11:55pm AEST