How to apply - Monash sourced internships

Prior to submitting an application, please refer to relevant FAQ's, key dates or find out more about international/offshore placements. Please remember you can contact us with questions.

Please also note there is a slightly different process depending on whether you are an Undergraduate or Graduate student, see relevant notes in the information below.

Confirm your eligibility

It is your responsibility to check that you  meet the eligibility criteria and have enough credit points to fit in a WIL unit. Please apply for the unit that corresponds with the number of credit points you have available. Check eligibility criteria below.

For Postgraduate students - have a conversation with your Director of Programs/Course Coordinator to discuss your application and how an internship fits in with your career goals and the direction of your degree. Their details can be found in your course handbook.

Prepare your resume

Please use Resume Check prior to submitting your resume. As your resume is going directly to a prospective host, you should aim for a score of 80% or over. Your application will be rejected if your resume is not acceptable.

We recommend creating a specific copy of your resume for your WIL application, outlining any professional experience, volunteering/group activity, as well as information about your desired placement, your area of study, interests etc. Your application is your chance to influence what type of opportunities you are presented for.

Prepare your application and interview questions

As part of the application process, you will be asked to respond to 5 questions to confirm what you would like to get out of the WIL experience. Please read through the proposal questions below and the response recommendations thoroughly.

Video interviews

You will be required to complete a video interview if your application is successful. You can prepare for your video interview via Interview360.  Interview360 is a revolutionary AI-powered interview training tool that helps users to optimise their performance for in-person and video interviews.

  1. Ensure you have completed all the preparation work under the “Before you apply” tab
  2. Log into your Monash student portal and submit an online WIL Placement Application. For assistance with your online application, see the Step-by-Step Guide for Undergraduates or the Step-by-Step Guide for Graduate students.

    Apply now

  3. You will need to answer 5 questions that will be used to assess your application suitability and provide details about your host organisation. Please go to Monash Sourced Placements for tips on how to complete these questions.
  4. Please complete all information requested in the online application form, including the unit you are planning to enrol in.
  5. Please ensure you upload the documents listed in Step 2. You will not be able to submit your application unless you have uploaded the required documents.
  1. After your application has been submitted, we will send you an application acknowledgement email. From then it will take up to 10 business days for us to review your application.
  2. If your application is successful, you will be sent an invitation to do a video interview through the Vieple platform. You will be asked 3 questions and will have 30 seconds to prepare a response to each one and then 1 minute 30 seconds to record your response (using the STAR method).
  3. Our team will aim to match you to a host organisation that aligns with the information you have provided in your application. If you are matched, we will send your resume to the host organisation and you may be asked to attend an interview.
  4. After you have been interviewed by your host organisation, we’ll get in touch to let you know the final outcome of your application. This may be as late as O-week depending on when you submitted your application and the type of placement you are applying for.
  5. If your application is successful, we’ll send you a confirmation email with a Schedule
  6. To finalise the application process and accept the placement, you will need to sign and return this form via InPlace
  7. Once the signed Student Acknowledgement form is received your enrolment will be processed and you’ll need to confirm it in WES.

If you are successful for a WIL placement, you can then withdraw from a unit and the WIL team will arrange your enrolment into the WIL unit (you cannot enrol yourself on WES). Note: You cannot withdraw without penalty from a unit that has a census date that has passed. E.g. requesting to withdraw from a semester 2 unit after the 31st of August to make room for a Summer Internship

For Offshore placements: if your application is successful, we’ll send your resume to the host organisation and you may be asked to attend a Skype interview.

If your application is successful, we’ll send you information about applying for Monash Abroad Grants and travel insurance. You MUST register with Monash Abroad prior to leaving Australia. This is a mandatory requirement of the University.


Once you have received confirmation of enrolment you will get access to the relevant Moodle site where you’ll find all the information about your assessment.


To prepare you to begin your placement, and to understand what to expect during your WIL placement, you are required to attend an Induction Session. This induction may be online for students going offshore. You will receive details of the session once your placement is confirmed.

For further information visit Monash sourced placements

Things to do while waiting for your WIL Placement

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