Scholarships and prizes


Every year prizes are awarded for the best first, second and third year honours thesis, as well as honours overall across each of the disciplines taught in the faculty. Prizes for best student in each undergraduate and master's by coursework course are also awarded, as well as a range of awards supported by generous donors.


Literary studies prizes

The Literary studies prizes have been named after previous academic staff who have made a significant contribution to the discipline:

  • Geoff Hiller Prize for Renaissance Literature in Literature and Creative Writing (donated prize $200)
  • David Bradley Prize for best 1st year student in Literary Studies
  • W.A.G. Scott Prize for best 2nd year student in Literary Studies
  • Clive Probyn Prize for best 3rd year student in Literary Studies
  • Arthur Brown Prize for best honours thesis in Literary Studies ($200)
  • Jenny Strauss Prize for best honours student in Literary Studies
  • Jenny Strauss Prize for the best Creative Writing Thesis in Literary Studies
  • Hayley Maher Memorial Prize for the best Honours thesis which explores the related themes of material cultures or class in Literary Studies

Marie McLean Memorial Fund French Studies Honours Prize

Colin McCormick Prize awarded by the Dante Alighieri Society 


Lahr Bequest Award, Master of Applied Linguistics ($100)

This annual award is given to a finishing postgraduate student  of the Master of Applied Linguistics at Monash University. The award is given in  recognition of both outstanding academic achievement, and strong contribution to academic leadership.

Academic achievement is defined here both quantitatively in terms of marks, but also qualitatively in terms of overall positive engagement with study in the Master of Applied Linguistics, and furthermore the demonstration of creativity, insight and innovation across the learning activities of the Masters program.

Academic leadership is defined here in terms of positive contribution to the learning experience of fellow students through formal/informal activities, including but not limited to peer mentoring, classroom interactions, and/or the positive promotion of applied linguistics in the classroom, across the university, and in the wider Australian and/or global communities.

Such students exemplify the aims of the Lahr Bequest and the wishes of its benefactor by enhancing the learning experience of their fellow students and the academic culture of the Master of Applied Linguistics program.


Chin Communications Master of Interpreting and Translation Studies Scholarship

Monash Joseph Gioscio Italian Grant