Colloquy: issue eighteen

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Colloquy Issue 18 December 2010 [3.4 MB]

B for Bad Cinema

Introduction: B for Bad Cinema [99 KB]
Julia Vassilieva and Claire Perkins

Excremental Ecstasy, Divine Defecation and Revolting Reception: Configuring a Scatological Gaze in Trash Filmmaking [160 KB]
Zoe Gross

“They don’t call ’em exploitation movies for nothing!”: Joe Bob Briggs and the Critical Commentary on I Spit on Your Grave [145 KB]
Tristan Fidler

Erasing the B out of Bad Cinema: Remaking Identity in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre [112 KB]
Craig Frost

“Fucking Americans”: Postmodern Nationalisms in the Contemporary Splatter Film [162 KB]
Phoebe Fletcher

Their Time Has Come: Bad Cinema Nerds as Late-Capitalist Paradigm [153 KB] 
Mark Steven

Snakes on a Plane and the prefabricated cult film [111 KB]
Kirsten Stevens

“Bad Form”: Contemporary Cinema’s Turn to the Perverse. David Lynch: Lost Highway (1997) Lars von Trier: Breaking the Waves(1996) [ 97 KB]
Hester Joyce and Scott Wilson

The Other Side of Indonesia: New Order’s Indonesian Exploitation Cinema as Cult Films [167 KB]
Ekky Imanjaya

Doing It for the Kids: Rebels and Prom Queens in the Cold War Classroom Film [145 KB]
Anika Ervin-Ward

Family Demons: The Ghost as Domestic Inheritance [100 KB]
Donna McRae

B for Bad, B for Bogus and B for Bold: Rupert Kathner, The Glenrowan Affair and Ned Kelly [660 KB]
Stephen Gaunson

Horror-Ritual: Horror Movie Villains as Collective Representations, Uncanny Metaphors and Ritual Transgressors  [138 KB]
Mario Rodriguez

From Kracauer to Clover: Some Reflections on Genre and Gender in 70s/80s Slasher Films [104 KB]
Tyson Namow

General articles

Roland Barthes’s Photobiographies: Towards an “Exemption from Meaning”  [125 KB]
Fabien Arribert-Narce

A Re-evaluation of Literature in Active and Critical Audience Studies [128 KB]
John Budarick

Adding ‘Pull’ to ‘Push’ Education in the Context of Neomillennial E-learning: YouTube and the Case of “Diagnosis Wenckebach” [ 433 KB]
Julie Willems

Ash’s Stasi File as a Script of Life [106 KB]
Catherine Karen Roy

Book reviews

Geoff Page. 60 Classic Australian Poems. Sydney: UNSW Press, 2009. [60 KB]
Robert Savage

William Marderness. How to Read a Myth. New York: Humanity Books, 2009. [68 KB]
Geoff Berry

Charles Bukowski. Hollywood. Edinburgh: Canongate, 2007. [60 KB]
Geoff Berry

David Damrosch, ed. Teaching World Literature. New York: The Modern Language Association of America, 2009. [61 KB]
Geoff Berry

Robert Savage. Hölderlin after the Catastrophe: Heidegger –Adorno – Brecht. Rochester NY: Camden House, 2009. [61 KB]
David Blencowe