Colloquy: issue thirteen

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Colloquy Issue Thirteen May 2007 [1.3 MB]


The Self-Torment of the White House Screen: Language, Lyotard and Looking Back at the War on Terror [107 KB]
Dougal Phillips

Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing: The Name-of-the-Father in King Lear [110 KB]
Dominique Hecq

Sjöström’s The Wind and the Transcendental Image [134 KB]
Agustin Zarzosa

The Modern Mediatrix: Medieval Rhetoric in André Breton’s Nadia and Leonora Carrington’s “Down Below” [155 KB]
Bonnie Lander

On Truth and Lie in a Rhetorical Sense: Semantic Perils in Nietzschean Thought [155 KB]
David Lane

The Ethical Paradox in Kierkegaard’s Concept of Anxiety [133 KB]
Ed Cameron

The Sensuous and Truth: Hegel’s Prose in Light of his Aesthetics [147 KB]
David Blencowe

Influence and Implications of Renaissance Humanism in Leonardo da Vinci’s Paragone [121 KB]
Chris Bassett


J.M. Coetzee. Elizabeth Costello. London: Vintage, 2004. [58 KB]
Bradley Poole

James K. Lyon. Paul Celan and Martin Heidegger. An Unresolved Conversation, 1951 – 1970. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2006. [59 KB]
Robert Savage

Gerard Naddaf. The Greek Concept of Nature. NY: SUNY Press, 2005. [88 KB]
Andrew Shortridge

Niall Lucy and Steve Mickler. The War on Democracy: Conservative Opinion in the Australian Press . Crawley, WA : University of Western Australia Press, 2006. [63 KB]
Carlo Salzani

Ravi de Costa. A Higher Authority: Indigenous Transnationalism and Australia. Sydney: University of New South Wales Press, 2006. [61 KB]
Carlo Salzani

Jose’ van Dijck, The Transparent Body: A Cultural Analysis of Medical Imaging, Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2005. [67 KB]
Anna Mostovaia

Louis Nowra, Bad Dreaming: Aboriginal Men’s Violence against Women and Children, North Melbourne: Pluto Press, 2007.
Jay Thompson

Creative writing

Three Poems [52 KB]
Caleb Puckett

Two Poems [58 KB]
Andrew Slattery

Francesca Sanvitale. Extract from The Man in the Park [111 KB]
trans. Denise Formica

Li Yu. Poems for Spring [67 KB]
trans. Christopher Kelen and Petra Seak