Colloquy: issue seventeen

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Colloquy Issue 17 August 2009  [3.5 MB]

On Failure and Revolution in Utopian Fiction and Science Fiction of the 1960s and 1970s  [101 KB]
Darren Jorgensen

The flight from history: from H G Wells to Doctor Who – and back again  [149 KB]
Alec Charles

Iain M Banks, Ernst Bloch and Utopian Interventions [131 KB]
Michał Kulbicki

“Extreme Possibilities”: Mapping “the sea of time and space” in J G Ballard’s Pacific fictions [147 KB]
Simon Sellars

Spectres of Orwell, or, The Impossible Demand of the Subject [94 KB]
David Jack

Sarah Palin’s JerUSAlem and Pentecostal faith: a hysteric symptom of American utopianism? [114 KB]
Sarah Curtis

Historical Optimism: the Use of Utopia in the Enlightenment Era [110 KB]
Amy Crawford

Book reviews

Paul Bogard, ed. Let There Be Night. Reno, Nevada: University of Nevada Press, 2008. [68 KB]
Geoff Berry

Michel Faber. The Fire Gospel Melbourne: Text Publishing, 2008. [62 KB]
Geoff Berry

Hent de Vries and Lawrence E. Sullivan, eds. Political Theologies: Public Religions in a Post-Secular World. New York: Fordham University Press, 2006.
Clayton Crockett, ed. Religion and Violence in a Secular World: Toward a New Political Theology. Charlottesville and London: University of Virginia Press, 2006.
[78 KB]
Matthew Chrulew

Robert Bond and Jenny Bavidge, eds. City Visions: The Work of Iain Sinclair. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2007.
Jeannette Baxter. J G Ballard’s Surrealist Imagination: Spectacular Authorship. Farnham and Burlington: Ashgate Publishing Limited, 2009.  [70 KB]
Simon Sellars

Creative writing

a table set for thousands #2  [50 KB]
Ashley Capes

Two Poems [51 KB]
Elisabeth Hames-Brooks