Colloquy: issue eight

NB all hyperlinks download as PDFs. 

Editorial [53 kb]


Tai Po [41 kb]
Danny Huppatz

Art, Language, and Invisible Truth: A Reappraisal of Conrad’s Preface [122 kb]
Mark Stockdale

Constructing the Self, Composing the Other: Auto/Fixation and the Case of Michael Field [109 kb]
Rachel Morley

Dissonance and Mutations :Theorising [99 kb]
Dave Eden

What can a novel do? Deleuze, Spinoza, and the Practice of Literary Analysis [132 kb]
Faye Brinsmead

“‘I am the fucking reaper'”: Glamorama, Schizophrenia, Terrorism [122 kb]
Angela Woods

Science as Colonial Fetish: Realism, Neo-Colonialism and the Savage in Mid-Twentieth Century North American Science Fiction [116 kb]
Helen Addison-Smith

Kowloon [32 kb]
Danny Huppatz

Review articles

Indigenous Writers Decolonising the Canon
Anita Heiss and Penny Van Toorn (eds). Stories Without End…. Southerly, 62.2 (2002). [90 kb]
Irene Webley

The Philosopher and the Sophist
Martin Heidegger. Plato’s Sophist . Bloomington and Indianapolis: Indiana UP, 2003.
[115 kb]
Jasmin Chen

Cotter’s [31 kb]
Danny Huppatz


Alexander García Düttmann. The Memory of Thought. London: Continuum, 2002. [66 kb]
Chris Churchill

Stathis Gourgouris. Does Literature Think? Stanford: Stanford UP, [83 kb]
Dimitris Vardoulakis

Amanda Fernbach. Fantasies of Fetishism. Edinburgh: Edinburgh [48 kb]
Peter Coleman

Allan Krell. The Devil’s Rope. London: Reaktion Books, 2003. [54 kb]
Sam Everingham

J. M. Arthur. The Default Country . Sydney: UNSW Press, 2003. [58 kb]
Andrew Johnson

John J. Joughin and Simon Malpas (eds). The New Aestheticism. Manchester: Manchester [78 kb]
Alexander Cooke

Andrew Birkin. J. M. Barrie and the Lost Boys. New Haven: Yale UP, 2003.  [59 kb]
Erica Hateley

Stephen Oliver. Deadly Pollen . Middletown, NJ: Word Riot Press, 2003. [55 kb]
Chris Danta

Globalisation:  [32 kb]
Danny Huppatz