Colloquy: issue ten

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Colloquy Issue 10 November 2005 [2 MB]

Blanchot, The Obscure edited by Rhonda Khatab, Carlo Salzani, Sabina Sestigiani and Dimitris Vardoulakis

Abbreviations of Blanchot’s Works  [63 KB]


Blanchot, Leiris [115 KB]
Christophe Bident

Forgetting to Remember: From Benjamin  [149 KB]
Amresh Sinha

“Counter-time”: A Non-dialectical Temporality in the Works of Maurice Blanchot [123 KB]
Zoltán Popovics

Dying is not Death: The Difference between Blanchot’s Fiction and Hegel’s  [304 KB]
James Phillips

Bare Exteriority: Philosophy of the Image and the Image of Philosophy in Martin Heidegger and Maurice Blanchot [121 KB]
Emanuel Alloa

Timelessness and Negativity in Awaiting Oblivion: Hegel and Blanchot in Dialogue [160 KB]
Rhonda Khatab

The Measure  [195 KB]
Anthony Abiragi

Writing the Disaster: Testimony and The Instant of My Death [109 KB]
Jennifer Yusin

Man is the Indestructible: Blanchot’s Obscure Humanism [160 KB]
John Dalton

Nathalie’s Rotunda: Breaching the Threshold of Maurice Blanchot’s L’Arrêt de mort  [97 KB]
lène Frichot

Sacred Atheism: Pre-Empting Death by Prolonging Death Sentence [184 KB]
Louise Gray

Woman as the Face of God: Blanchot, Lacan and the Feminine Impossible [110 KB]
Peter Gunn

Two Essays by Blanchot on Hölderlin [102 KB]
Mark Hewson

The Subject of Narration: Blanchot and Henry James’s The Turn of the Screw [114 KB]
Caroline Sheaffer-Jones

Ill Seen Ill Said: Interpreting the World  [108 KB]
Evin O’Riordain

The Blanchot/Beckett Correspondence: Situating the Writer/Writing at the Limen of Naught [114 KB]
Curt G. Willits

In Other Words: Writing Maurice Blanchot Writing [107 KB]
Nikolai Duffy

“An Outstretched Hand…”: From Fragment to Fragmentary [120 KB]
Leslie Hill

Review article

Back to the Other Levinas: Alain P. Toumayan’s Encountering the Other: The Artwork and the Problem of Difference in Blanchot and Levinas. Pittsburgh, Penn.: Duquesne U. P., 2004 [169 KB]
Michael Fagenblat


Christophe Bident.Reconnaissances: Antelme, Blanchot, Deleuze. Paris: Calmann-Lévy, 2003 [67 KB]
Carlo Salzani

Kevin Hart and Geoffrey H. Hartman (eds). The Power of Contestation: Perspectives on Maurice Blanchot. Baltimore: John Hopkins  [72 KB]
Rhonda Khatab

Marie-Chantal Killeen. Essai sur l ‘indicible: Jabès, Blanchot, Duras . Siant-Denis: P. U. de Vincennes, 2004  [75 KB]
Paul Sheehan

Kevin Hart. The Dark Gaze: Maurice Blanchot and the Sacred. Chicago: U. of Chicago P., 2004 [69 KB]
Chris Danta

Creative writing

M.  [33 KB]
Anthony Bank