Colloquy: issue twenty-four

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Front matter



General Articles

Conrad’s Racial Idea Tim Christensen

Writing for Two: A Critique of Literature, Love, and the Event in the Philosophy of Alain Badiou Christopher Langlois

Michel Foucault’s “What is an Author?” and Adaptation Sean McQueen

Late Japanese New Wave Documentary and Cinematic Truth: Charting the Theory and Method of “Graphic Sensitivity” Towards Cultural Otherness  Benjamin Hegarty

Are We There Yet? The Catastrophe of Polar Deceleration in Cormac McCarthy’s The Road Josiane Smith

Tights and Tiaras: Female Superheroes and Media Cultures

Introduction: Tights and Tiaras Deb Waterhouse-Watson and Evie Kendal

Wonder Woman Wears Pants: Wonder Woman, Feminism and the 1972 “Women’s Lib” Issue Ann Matsuuchi

Buffy, the Transmedia Hero Emma Beddows

Gender and Power: The Phoenix/Jean Grey across Time and Media Lenise Prater

Re-/deconstructing the Yellow Brick Road: Gender, Power and Tin Man Deb Waterhouse-Watson

Comic Book Princesses for Grown-Ups: Cinderella Meets the Pages of the Superhero Rebecca-Anne C. Do Rozario

Prince Charming by Day, Superheroine by Night? Subversive Sexualities and Gender Fluidity in Revolutionary Girl Utena andSailor Moon Catherine E. Bailey

Man-eaters and Fan-dancers: Exploring Gender Representation, the Female “Other” and Geek-girl Alienation Jane Felstead

There’s No One Perfect Girl: Third Wave Feminism and The Powerpuff Girls Evie Kendal

Book Review

Alain Badiou. Wittgenstein’s Antiphilosophy. Trans. Bruno Bosteels. London, UK: Verso, 2011 Catherine Ryan