IJIS 1: 2013

International Journal of Indonesian Studies

Issue 1: 2013

IJIS is proud to present its inaugural issue. It is a peer reviewed, English language, international, open access online journal that specifically showcases the quality research of early career Indonesian scholars, and that promotes intercultural learning/dialogues through the collaborative works of scholars from Indonesia and other countries in the world.

Read the complete journal: International Journal of Indonesian Studies 2013 (PDF). 

From the Editor - Yacinta Kurniasih


Designing and implementing a critical literacy-based approach in an Indonesian EFL secondary school Gin Gin Gustine
Indonesia’s Response towards East Asian Financial Regionalism Eko NM Saputro
Why Resist? A Closer Look at Indonesian Teachers’ Resistance to ICT Monica Ella Harendita
Islam and Sukarno’s Foreign Policy, with Reference to Indonesia-Pakistan Relations 1960-1965 I Gede Wahyu Wicaksana
Digital Inequalities and Young Adults in Greater Jakarta: A Socio-Demographic Perspective Ariane Utomo, Anna Reimondos, Iwu Utomo, Peter McDonald, & Terence H.Hull
Some Traditional Javanese Values in NSM: From God to Social Interaction Elisabet Titik Murtisari
Authority Perspective: Javanese Men’s Talk on Domestic Violence Rachmad Hidayat
Decoding Basa Walikan - A preliminary analysis of Yogyakarta ‘reverse’ language Nicholas Jackman & Rahmat
POEM Renungan Agustus (August Reflections) Yacinta Kurniasih (Translation by Stuart Robson)