Special issue: Southeast Asian Noir

International Journal of Indonesian Studies

ISSN 2203-4692

Special Issue: Southeast Asian Noir

The International Journal of Indonesian Studies proudly presents its latest addition to the scholarship on Indonesia, with our guest editors Eric Wilson (Faculty of Law, Monash University) and Christopher A. Woodrich (Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Universitas Gadjah Mada). The articles in this issue stem from the conference ‘All Lows, No Highs: A Comparative Study of Indonesian and Malaysian Crime Fiction’.

Scene from Gagak Item (Tan’s Film, 1939)

From the Editor - Yacinta Kurniasih



Introduction: Crime, Magic and Politics DO Mix: In Defence of Eka Kurniawan and Southeast Asian Noir Eric Wilson
Twixt Night and Dark: Colonialism, Trauma and Noir’s Hidden Transcript Eric Wilson
Sang Nyai: Modern Ghost and Indonesian Femme Fatale Dag Yngvesson
Translating a Tiger: Indonesian ‘Crime Fiction’ in International Literary Circuits Meghan Downes
Pushing the Envelope: A Three-Way Balance between Story, Statement and Provocation Nadia Mohamad Hatta & Nadia Khan
Children, Violence, and Problems of Ratiocination in Indonesian Horror Movies Suma Riella Rusdiarti
A Fictional Detective’s Exploration of the Swirling Maelstrom of Indonesia in the Early 1940s: Patjar Koening and the Mysterious Death of Moh. Hoesni Thamrin William Bradley Horton
Bandits, Vigilantes, and the Rabble: Criminals in Dutch East Indies Cinema Christopher A. Woodrich
Nationalism Discourse in Es Ito’s Negara Kelima Mundi Rahayu
At the Crossroad of Genre and Gender: The Absence of Female Investigators in Indonesian Crime Films Evi Eliyanah
Crime Fiction as Social Critique: Rozlan Mohd Noor’s Challenge to the Dominant Rhetoric Susan Philip