When I sell Jamu

Solo, Central Java, Indonesia

Dewi Candraningrum: “This sketch was made in Solo where I lived using charcoal on paper. Morning is a space where village streets becoming a meeting-point where Javanese women and her children enjoyed drinking Jamu. This October we experienced a usurping heat which could reach more than 38 degree Celsius. Bottles kept in tenggok (basket) being carried on her back, a beautiful Jamu seller will pronounce: Jamu! Jamu! Jamu! And little girls’ hands would run after and waved their hands—fluid herbal medicines with no preservatives or additional color that went hundred years ago in Java Island. The famous Borobudur temple indicated this on the number of relief carvings narrating the cultural orderings of how Javanese culture shaped by plants, herbs, and spices. The music of cardamom, galangal, ginger, turmeric, and bitter Papaya leaves are what made Jamu so famous. It is a remedy that enhances senses. It is also a narrative of Javanese woman with Jarik and Lendang. Selling Jamu on the street is exclusively administered by women. “When I sell Jamu”, as indicated by the title, is a story of woman selling Jamu”.

About the author:

Dewi Candraningrum started painting and sketching after her long assistance to her autistic son (Ivan Ufuq Isfahan) who also is painting. She considered herself as learner in sketching and painting. She is at present teaching at Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta and on the Board of Editors for Jurnal Perempuan.