Submission and publication process

Please send submissions as a Word document to the Editor, Yacinta Kurniasih:

To ensure the highest standards of scholarship, papers accepted for publication by IJIS will have undergone the following evaluation process:

  1. Initial assessment of paper’s relevance and quality by the four member IJIS Editorial Board. At this stage a paper may also be returned to an author for revision on the basis of format or expression.
  2. An IJIS paper is next double peer blind reviewed by suitable experts in the field to which the paper pertains.
  3. Based on an assessment rubric, an IJIS paper is evaluated by reviewers as either:

    - Publish without revision
    - Publish subject to revision
    - Reject
    - Resubmit for additional review
  4. Once a paper has satisfied the peer review process, it is distributed for comment and overview from the IJIS Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) as a final quality assurance procedure.
  5. Finally, papers recommended for publication by IJIS’s EAB will be submitted for proofreading and general editing evaluation to ensure the journal’s standards of academic expression and referencing are maintained.
  6. IJIS actively screens for plagiarism using TURNITIN software; our reviewers are also encouraged to highlight text passages suspected of being plagiarised or inadequately paraphrased and to bring these to the attention of the Editorial Board.
  7. Potential authors please note there are no submission or processing charges imposed by IJIS.

Accepted materials

The following academic material will be considered for publication:

  • Articles
  • Book reviews
  • Creative writing
  • Opinion essays
  • Poetry
  • Review articles
  • Translations (with critical exegesis)

Style guide

Submissions must strictly adhere to the prescribed style guide.