Call for Korean Language Student Teaching and Research Assistants Semester 1 2023

Dear students,

this year, Monash University Korean Studies language will require student language teaching and research assistants to help with the teaching of Korean language units and administration of conversation circles and language exchange. The duties will involve from among the following:

aiding the teacher during online (ATS1171/2171 Korean Introductory 1) workshops, helping to monitor students in breakout rooms, answer student questions, provide models for the practice of target structures, facilitating students during pair and group work activities.

Teaching/research assistants will also be invited to

  • run one-hour online speaking and writing drop-in sessions where they will help students with their work and answer questions in English
  • be involved in the preparation of teaching and learning materials to help students develop their Korean language skills
  • help provide test/exam feedback
  • helping to set up and administer the conversation circles programme
  • helping to set up and administer the language exchange

The ideal candidate will

  • be outgoing, motivated, and independent
  • have a good record of punctuality
  • be reliable
  • be someone who has studied at least 2 Korean language levels at Monash
  • at least Korean Proficiency level 1 or above
  • At least one teaching assistant should be available between 2-3pm on Mondays and 1-2pm on Tuesdays between weeks 1 and 12 in S1, 2023.

Weekly hours are NEGOTIABLE.

The successful candidate will gain valuable experience, a good reference and be paid hourly (at Hew03 level). If you are interested, please email an expression of interest, stating in 100 words why you are keen to be a language assistant and confirming your Korean language learning experience and availability to as soon as possible (because of the urgency) but no later than 5pm, 17 February  2023.

Best, Andrew

Contact: Andrew David Jackson