Korea Week

Each year Monash University Korean Studies holds a week-long series of events to celebrate the diversity of Korean culture - modern and traditional!

Korea Week 2023: Korean Events

This year, the first without  AKS Core Universities funding, Monash University Korean Studies collaborated with KASA to host a short series of events to celebrate  Korean culture.

Chair Yoga and Meditation 28th April  11am-12pm

Korean Film Screening:  Miracle in Cell No. 7 28th  April  6:30-8:30pm

K-pop Dance Workshop - 30th April 11am-2pm:

AYCE KBBQ - 2nd & 3rd May     7:30m-9:30pm:


On 28 April 2023, 'Chair Yoga and Meditation Session' was held as an event of Monash University’s fifth annual Korea Week. This year, Korea Week was cohosted by Monash University Korean Studies Research Hub and KASA. Participants followed simple Pilates and yoga postures performed by an experienced yoga and Pilates instructor, Jay Lee (@Jbodybalance_mel). During the session, all of the explanations were provided in Korean. About 30 students and staff participated, and they followed the movements demonstrated in Korean. Learning simple chair yoga poses that can be easily taken in everyday life was very useful for students who spend a lot of time sitting on chairs, and it was a successful event that participants enjoyed. Yoonjung Lee (MUKSRH Student teaching assistant).

As a part of the fifth annual 2023 Korea Week, the Korean Studies Department and KASA hosted a series of events. One of these events included the Korean Movie night, where students gathered to watch the Korean Box-office blockbuster hit, Miracle in Cell no. 7. Miracle in Cell no. 7 or 7번방의 선물 is a film about the true story of a mentally handicapped single father, Yong-Gu, who was falsely accused of a crime he did not commit and sent to prison. The film revolves around his reunion with his daughter, Ye-Seung, with the help of his 5 cellmates and even the Prison Warden. Miracle in Cell no. 7 created a rollercoaster of emotions for the audience as we enjoyed the father-daughter duos moments of happiness and sadness, as well as anger about the miscarriage of justice. The event was a huge success as over 40 students enjoyed the blockbuster hit alongside snacks and drinks. Students also received portfolio points for their immersion into Korean culture and media. Overall, three key lessons to learn from this film are “DO NOT judge a book by its cover”, “there are two sides to every story”, and to “live in the moment”, like Ye-seung and Yong-Gu, as life is too short to regret. Eleena Chang (MUKSRH Student teaching assistant).

Monash Languages Week 2022: Korean Events

MUKSRH Lang Week Events

This year, our week-long events are held on campus and open to Monash students and staff. Monash University Korean Studies proudly presents our lineup of exciting Korean events for languages week (September 5th - September 9th):

  1. Opening event with guest speaker Niha Sathasivan (Korean; Trade consultant, Korean Trade Commission) [5th September 2022]
  2. Movie Night & Trivia - Broker (브로커) [6th September 2022]
  3. Mandu Making [7th September 2022]
  4. Drumming Workshop [7th September 2022]
  5. Taekwondo [7th September 2022]
  6. K-Pop Dance Workshop [7th September 2022]
  7. Hanbok Experience [8th September 2022] with beautiful Traditional Korean Hanboks designed by Miranda Day.
    Check out our interview with Miranda and her brand Miranday here.
  8. Games Night - Running Man [8th September 2022]
  9. Traditional Box Making (Hanji) [9th September 2022]
  10. "Hangul in an Hour" Workshop [9th September 2022]

This is the biggest collaboration between Monash Korean Studies and KASA (Korean Appreciation Students Association), with the greatest number of Korean events organized for languages week over the past years.

Monash Korea Week 2021

Once again, we have delivered the annual Korea Week. This year delivered all activities online, which made it available to Monash students, staff and friends of Monash Korean Studies in Australia as well as to participants worldwide.

  1. Opening Speech (pre-recorded) from Consul-General & Korean Social Games (19 April 2021)
  2. Traditional Korean Crafts and Learn Hangul in an Hour (20 April 2021)
  3. Korean Cooking Workshop - Korean Mandu (21 April 2021)
  4. Meet and Greet for all Monash Korean Studies Students (21 April 2021)
  5. K-Beauty Workshop with Jenny (22 April 2021)
  6. Shusenjo: The Main Battleground of the Comfort Women Issue (followed by Q&A with Miki Dezaki) (22 April 2021)
  7. Korea MEGA Quiz (23 April 2021)

For the past two years, Monash University Korean Studies has held Korea Week in collaboration with KASA (Korean Appreciation Students Association).

The hugely popular annual event hosted by Monash University Korean Research Hub is supported by the Core University Program for Korean Studies through the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Korea and Korean Studies Promotion Service of the Academy of Korean Studies (AKS-2017-OLU-2250002).

Monash Korea Week 2020


Monash Korean Studies hosted Monash Korea Week 2020, a week-long celebration of Korean culture from  Monday 31 August to 5 September, 2020. This year Monash Korea Week 2020 was fully delivered online, and was also open to the community regardless of academic affiliation or location. We had participants from local and international industries sectors, secondary school students, as well as students from Europe and Asia join us to celebrate Korean culture.

  1. Learn Hangeul in an Hour (Monday, 31 August)
  2. Korean Hanji Box Making (Tuesday, September 1)
  3. Classic Korean Movie Night – 하녀 (The Housemaid) (Tuesday, September 1)
  4. K-Food Cookalong (Wednesday, September 2)
  5. E-Gaming Night with KASA (Wednesday, September 2)
  6. K-Beauty & K-Slang Seminar (Thursday, September 3)
  7. Noraebang Karaoke Night with KASA (Thursday, September 3)
  8. Korea MEGA Quiz! (Saturday, September 5)

Monash University Korea Week 2019

From 1 September to 7 September 2019, Monash Korean Studies co-hosted a week-long event of daily activities celebrating Korean culture with the Korean Appreciation Student Association (KASA). Here are snapshots from Korea Week 2019.

Day 1 – Korean Traditional Music Concert

On day 1, the Korean Cultural Club ‘SORI (소리)’ performed traditional Korean music and dance, including Nanta(난타), Jang-gu dance(장구춤) and Samul-nori (사물놀이) at the Pavilion on the Monash Clayton campus.

korean music 2019

Day 2 – Taekwondo Workshop

On day 2, together with the KASA and Monash University Taekwondo Club, we hosted a taekwondo workshop. This workshop was open to all Monash students and staff members who wished to experience taekwondo in a safe and friendly environment. During this workshop, participants learned kicks, punches and other basic techniques.

TKD 2019

Day 3 – K-Pop Random Play Dance

On day 3, a K-Pop Random Play Dance activity was led by the KASA: the chorus of a random K-pop song was played, and whoever knew the dance took to the stage. This event was open to all K-pop lovers.

Day 4 – Learn Hangul in an Hour

On Day 4, the ‘Learn Hangul in an hour’ session was led by our own resident Korean linguist Dr. Lucien Brown. This fun and engaging session was available for students and staff members who have never learned Hangul before.


Day 4 – Kimchi Making Workshop

During this hands-on kimchi making workshop, participants learned all about the health benefits and history of kimchi, as well as how to make kimchi from scratch. Participants also tasted other Korean cuisines, which were prepared by a local Korean chef.

kimchi 2

Day 5 – Weekly Korean Conversation Circle

On day 5, with the help of fluent Korean speakers, a workshop was offered to help everyone improve their Korean conversational skills, as well as meet new people.

Day 6 – Korean Film Screening – Swing Kids Movie

On day 6, students gathered at a lecture theatre to enjoy a showing of the popular movie Swing Kids, featuring K-pop idol EXO D.O.

Day 7 – PC Bang with MEGA

On day 7, the KASA, together with Monash Electronic Gaming Association (MEGA), hosted a PC Bang (internet café) event to bring South Korea’s unique PC Bang experience to Monash students.


(photo: KASA)

DAY 8 – Running Man: Cops vs Mafia

On the last day of the 2019 Korea week, we had a name tag-ripping event based on South Korea’s famous variety show ‘Running Man’, where students were teamed up to do a hiding and chasing event on the Monash Clayton campus.  (photo: KASA)

The 2019 Korea Week was supported by the Core University Program for Korean Studies through the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Korea and the Korean Studies Promotion Service of the Academy of Korean Studies (AKS-2017-OLU-2250002).