Korean Studies Research Session for Teaching and Technology

Event Name Korean Studies Research Session for Teaching and Technology
Start Date 16 Sep 2020 1:00 pm
End Date 16 Sep 2020 3:30 pm
Duration 2 hours and 30 minutes

Every year Monash University Korean Studies holds a Research Session on teaching and technology. This is an afternoon of discussion about teaching and learning organised by Monash University Korean Studies. It is open to all Monash Korean language teachers. The aim is to exchange ideas about content, language teaching, and the use of technology in the classroom. Teachers are encouraged to exchange ideas about different materials or activities they have used in their lectures/workshops/tutorials or different ways of evaluating learners in language courses. The aim is to introduce new ideas and methods into our teaching of the Korean language and improve the learning experience of our students.

The first event was held on May 22, 2019; 2-5pm in the Japanese Studies Centre Auditorium.

The next event will be held on  Wednesday September 16, 1-330pm via ZOOM


1:00-1:20 ‘Enhancing student participation in an online Korean language classroom’         Mi Yung Park (University of Auckland)


1:20-1:40 ‘Maximising Korean oral Production in an Online Environment’ Nicola Fraschini (UWA)


1:40-2:00 ‘Motivating online learners: NetflixNotabilityClassum, and Final Cut in the Korean language class.’  Hyunmi Kim (UWA)


2:00-2:30 Q and A and general brainstorming of ideas about teaching Korean language (and content) units in an online environment


2:30-3:30 AKS Korean Studies Core Meeting



‘Enhancing student participation in an online Korean language classroom’     Mi Yung Park (University of Auckland)

Interaction is essential for developing foreign language skills. The online context of language learning and teaching gives us opportunities to try new ways to interact with students and engage them in the learning process. This presentation will focus on different ways to enhance student participation in an online Korean language classroom. Emphasis will be given to discussing how to promote productive language output through engaging them in authentic and collaborative tasks and activities suitable for intermediate-level students. Facilitating meaningful interaction and helping students build a sense of community is a crucial component of successful online learning.

Mi Yung Park is a Senior Lecturer in Korean Studies at the University of Auckland. Her research interests include Korean language pedagogy, language and identity, and heritage language education. Her work has appeared in such journals as International Journal of Bilingual Education and BilingualismLanguage and Intercultural CommunicationClassroom DiscourseJournal of Pragmatics, and The Korean Language in America.

‘Maximising Korean oral Production in an Online Environment’ Nicola Fraschini (UWA)

This presentation will introduce firstly the types of speaking activities used in beginner level Korean language classes at UWA, and how these have been adapted to maximise students’ oral production in an online teaching environment. Secondly, it will illustrate how oral testing practices at UWA have been modified due to the limitations imposed by remote teaching, and how oral testing of a large cohort (240+ students) has been conducted effectively online in a relatively short timeframe by a limited number of instructors. Lastly, it will consider the constraints of written online testing for Korean beginner learner and the design of online assessments.

Nicola Fraschini obtained his PhD in Korean language and culture education from Korea University. Before moving to Australia, he taught Korean language at Sogang University Korean Language Education Centre. At present, he is lecturer and Korean Studies major coordinator at the University of Western Australia, where he teaches first and third year Korean language units. His current research interests are motivation and emotions in Korean language learning.

‘Motivating online learners: NetflixNotabilityClassum, and Final Cut in the Korean language class.’ Hyunmi Kim (UWA)

The online learning environment requires students to be more self-efficient, therefore teachers need to apply strategies and adopt tools to foster motivation and promote self-directed learning. By drawing on the experience gathered through adapting to online Korean language classroom and multimedia tools commonly available, this presentation will illustrate how the use of multimedia editing tools, electronic whiteboards, A/V resources, and a dialogic feedback platform increased student engagement with the learning material and satisfaction in online classes, resulting ultimately in an increase in retention numbers in a cohort of 48 second year Korean language learners.Hyunmi Kim obtained her M.A. in Korean Studies from Ewha Womans University, and she is enrolled in the M.A. program in Asian Studies at the University of British Columbia. Currently, she is associate lecturer at the University of Western Australia, where she teaches second level Korean language courses. She received a UWA Faculty Teaching Awards: Excellence in Teaching Excellence and a UWA award for Excellence in Teaching: Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning.


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