French entry level test

Students who have never studied French and have no experience with the language should enrol in:

  • ATS1061 - French introductory 1 (Semester 1)
  • ATS1062 - French introductory 2 (Semester 2)

New students who have some knowledge of Frenchmust sit the entry level test to determine the appropriate language entry level.

Please note that it is in the student’s interest to follow the test guidelines. A distorted score as a result of external assistance will result in incorrect entry level.

Students must not purposefully misrepresent their competency in the language in order to enrol in a level lower than her/his actual competency. This would breach Academic integrity policy, which may result in the student being disenrolled from the unit.

You must provide a valid Monash University email address to receive the automated email indicating what unit you should be enrolled in.

Complete test

Manually enrolling in French language units

All French language units other than ATS1061/ATS1062 (French Introductory 1 and 2) require ‘manual enrolment’. This means that you cannot enrol yourself through WES, but will need a coursework officer to complete your enrolment.

To do so, please visit Arts Student Services with the Placement Test email or an email message from the coordinator of the unit in which you wish to enrol (if seeking enrolment at any level above Introductory).

If you cannot attend campus in person, you may request enrolment in the units by submitting an online enquiry via, attaching the Placement Test email.