Verge Creative Writing Journal

2020 Verge Call for Submissions  

Monash University's annual creative writing journal is now calling for submissions: 


The spiritual and the ordinary, the superstitious and the obsessive, the sacred and the profane - interpret this theme however you please.

We’re looking for creative fiction (short stories and poems); visual responses (graphic novella extracts and photo essays); and creative nonfiction pieces (narrative nonfiction and personal essays) that challenge and confront, entertain and intrigue.

It could be wearing a lucky bracelet for every job interview, cooking a specific meal before watching the game, saying grace before meals, brushing your teeth before bed. Ritual can be seen in the act of hunting, of butchering, of cooking, of feasting - and that’s just food. Ritual can be seen in the mud-spattered legs of dancing festival-goers and in the gentle cleansing of a cold dead body.

Rituals surround the mundane moments and the profound. Every human community has rituals and every ritual says something interesting.

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Verge 2020 Submission Guidelines:

1. Open to emerging and established writers.

2. No submission fee.

3. Must be an original unpublished work and not be under consideration elsewhere.

4. Poetry: maximum 60 lines; Graphic novel and photo essay: print quality, maximum 4 pages; short story, narrative non-fiction and personal essay: maximum 3000 words.

5. 12-point font; Times New Roman; A4 page with 2.5cm margins; minimum 1.5 line spacing. Please note: authors of works requiring specific layout or white-space can request details for final page dimensions of the printed issue.

6. If a text file, use a header with the title of your work and the page number. Your name must not appear on your work.

7. Each submission must be saved as ‘Your name – Title of the work’ (maximum 3 submissions).

8. Acceptable file formats: .doc, .docx and .rtf for text files; .jpeg, .psd and .png for image files. Contact the editors with any queries.

9. Include a cover letter that has your name, address, email, phone number and a 50-word third-person bio.

10. Submit only electronic copies with the subject heading ‘Submission' to by midnight on Tuesday 15 October 2019.

Back issues of Verge are available at Monash University Publishing.