2023 Korea Week Film Screening

As a part of the 2023 Korea Week in Semester 1, the Korean Studies Department and KASA hosted a series of events. One of these events included the Korean Movie night, where students gathered to watch the Korean Box-office blockbuster hit, “Miracle in Cell no. 7”. “Miracle in Cell no. 7” or 7번방의 선물 is a film about the true story of a mentally handicapped single father, Yong-Gu, who was falsely accused of a crime he did not commit and sent to prison. The film revolves around his reunion with his daughter, Ye-Seung, with the help of his 5 cellmates and even the Prison Warden. “Miracle in Cell no. 7” created a rollercoaster of emotions for the audience as we enjoyed the father-daughter duos moments of happiness and sadness, as well as anger for the justice system for doing them wrong. The event was a huge success as students enjoyed the blockbuster hit alongside snacks and drinks. Students also received portfolio points for their immersion into Korean culture and media. Overall, 3 key lessons to learn from this film are “DO NOT judge a book by its cover”, “there are two sides to every story”, and to “live in the moment”, like Ye-seung and Yong-Gu, as life is too short to regret. Eleena Chang (MUKSRH Student teaching assistant).