Transnational academic mobility and knowledge creation: a critical reflection on interculturality and (de)coloniality

Sixth Annual Language and Society Centre Lecture 2013

Presenter: Dr Terri Kim, LASC Distinguished Visiting Scholar


My lecture takes a critical stance at the relationship between intercultural experience, epistemic development and marketised higher education. It draws on my SRHE funded research (2011-12) outcomes. The initial proposition is that an important way to see the processes of academic mobility and the ways in which mobility is entwined with knowledge creation is through different types of knowledge, as ‘capital’. My research has examined the transfer and transformation of knowledge and the rise of ‘transnational identity capital’ (Kim, 2010) in the course, and as a result, of academic mobility and migration, drawing on both empirical and documentary research data – 35 selected interviews with contemporary mobile academics (including former doctoral students) as well as published (auto)biographies of well-known transnational academic intellectuals in the UK, Europe and elsewhere. My broader aim in this research is to offer a critical analysis of unequal power relations embedded in the process of forming and shaping new knowledge and identity capital among mobile academics in universities. It highlights the global-local knowledge nexus, through which interculturality is enmeshed with (de)coloniality. It further explores the possibility of intercultural dialogue of ‘knowledge’ in higher education to reconcile the epistemic division between Wissenschaften and Weltanschauungen and concludes with its implication for global social justice.

About the presenter

Terri Kim is Reader (designate) in the Cass School of Education and Communities, University of East London (UEL), and Associate in the Centre for Higher Education Studies (CHES), Institute of Education, University of London. As a specialist in Comparative Higher Education, she has been a full time Lecturer at Brunel University, and previously worked as a research consultant for OECD; a Visiting Research Scholar in International Relations at LSE in London; a Brain Korea 21 Contract Professor at Seoul National University in Korea; and a Visiting Scholar at the Collège de France in Paris. She has published one book and over 35 articles internationally in the field of higher education. She is a member of the CESE (Comparative Education Society in Europe) Executive Committee and currently serving as a member of the Executive Board of International Studies in Sociology of Education journal. She is also on the editorial board of major international journals: Comparative Education, Intercultural Education, and Gender and Education. Her research interests cover the following themes – international relations and the changing governance of higher education, knowledge, and the academic profession; academic migration and the knowledge economy, with special reference to Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific countries. Many of her invitational writings and plenary talks have taken into account the future directions and strategic needs of Governments, international agencies, and policy think tanks – e.g. OECD, UNESCO-UNEVOC, EMN (European Migration Network), Academia Europaea, UKCGE (UK Council for Graduate Education), University World News, QS Aim, etc..

When: 13 March 2013, 4:00pm

Venue: Monash University Clayton Campus, Building 54 Japanese Studies Centre, Auditorium

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